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Phrygian Sunrise

Artist: Jessica Comeau
Genre: medieval
Duration: 00:00:21

I first developed this song on a small dulcim er that hung on my wall; I tuned the bass string to C and the other two to C an octave higher, and this song, with all its Eastern vibes, emerged. It reminds me of the myth of King Midas, who was said to have lived in Phrygia and been visited by the sun god Helios. It seems to me that it was not so much Midas’ golden touch that turned everything to gold; it was the radiant Phrygian sun that gilded the entire landscape in light and warmth… Listen for my use of the bowed dulcimer technique!

06/05/19 08:33:59PM @dulcimerbill:

Beautiful. I could listen to your music all day!

06/01/19 02:11:51PM @ariane:

Sounds great, Jessica!

Jessica Comeau
05/23/19 04:32:15PM @jessica-comeau:

That's wonderful, Dan. Mountain dulcimer vibrations should be in their very wood while they are being created... :-)

05/23/19 03:32:08PM @dan:

...I'll say again, many a dulcimore have been made to this tune!!!

Jessica Comeau
05/23/19 02:20:55PM @jessica-comeau:

Thank you, Steven! :-)

Steven Berger
05/23/19 01:17:14PM @steven-berger:

Very nice, Jessica!