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Cantiga 1- Des Oge Mais Quer'eu Trobar

Artist: Jessica Comeau
Genre: medieval
Duration: 00:00:18

This cantiga is the first of 420 Cantigas de Santa Maria (Songs of Holy Mary) written in Galician-Portuguese in the court of the Spanish King Alfonso X, el Sabio in the 13th century. These songs were very popular among pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. This first of the cantigas celebrates a popular theme in medieval devotional music, literature, and art: the Seven Joys of Mary.

Robin Thompson
05/24/19 10:10:17AM @robin-thompson:

Yup, what Steven said!  

Jessica Comeau
05/23/19 04:31:25PM @jessica-comeau:

Perhaps that is because I love them so much! :-D Thank you!

Steven Berger
05/23/19 03:36:28PM @steven-berger:

Jessica, you play the medieval tunes as if they were MEANT to be played on mountain dulcimer!