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Love is Patient

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Duration: 00:04:23
Written and performed by Karen Keane. Dedicated to John.
Karen Keane
06/23/13 05:35:36PM @karen-keane:
Thanks again Joann for listening.
Karen Keane
08/11/12 09:47:25AM @karen-keane:

Thanks Brian.Grin.gif

Brian G.
08/11/12 08:58:21AM @brian-g:

Great job Karen. Enjoyed it very much! :)

Karen Keane
08/11/12 08:33:47AM @karen-keane:

Thanks so much Gayle, I'm glad that you enjoyed the video. That was a song written for my best friend and husband of 24 years, so it came straight from the heart. Grin.gif

Karen Keane
07/15/12 04:29:38PM @karen-keane:

Thanks for listening Naomi and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Karen Keane
05/27/12 11:24:22AM @karen-keane:

Just a little bit!Grin.gif

John Keane
05/26/12 07:46:41PM @john-keane:

I have a feeling that the next tune will contrast "slightly" with this one. Grin.gif Love listening to you!

Karen Keane
05/25/12 08:00:29PM @karen-keane:

Thanks for listening Wendy!

Macy Jayne
05/25/12 07:48:05PM @macy-jayne:

Beautiful Karen!

Karen Keane
05/23/12 06:15:29PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Patty, one of my favorites too. I glad that you enjoyed it.

Patty from Virginia
05/23/12 01:06:22PM @patty-from-virginia:

Karen, I saw this earlier. I'm behind on watching videos109.gif my bad. I want to let you know that this is one of my favorite Bible passages too. I loved this. Thanks for sharing. John is blessed to have youSmile.gif I love your videos and songs. Please keep posting.

Karen Keane
05/21/12 05:10:02PM @karen-keane:

Thanks for listening Mandy and Brian. I glad you liked it.!

05/21/12 10:13:43AM @mandy:

That was nice!Grin.gif

Brian G.
05/21/12 08:19:35AM @brian-g:

Very nice Karen! Great job. :)

Karen Keane
05/21/12 06:56:56AM @karen-keane:

Thanks Dana, I'm glad you liked it!

Dana R. McCall
05/20/12 11:23:00PM @dana-r-mccall:

Great song Karen!!!!

John Keane
05/20/12 07:30:07PM @john-keane:

John Henry... Tongue.gif LOL!

Karen Keane
05/20/12 06:59:42PM @karen-keane:

LOL...I'll keep that in mind. Glad you enjoyed!Grin.gif

John Henry
05/20/12 05:31:57PM @john-henry:

A thoughtful piece Karen, "Love is Patient" 105.gif !!! You must have some deep rooted reasons for voicing this song.102.gif Anytime you want to talk.......... 3.gif

Really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing


Karen Keane
05/20/12 05:09:25PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Sam, I'm still not real confident in my singing and playing yet, but I'm hopefully getting there. I'm definitely working on it every day. Thanks for your kind words!Grin.gif