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Insane Pain

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Duration: 00:04:02
Written by Karen Keane. Performed by Karen Keane (mountain dulcimer) and John Keane (laptop conga/cajon).
Karen Keane
06/12/12 06:59:09PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Wendy, Sorry for the delay, but John and I have been in Dulcimerville for the last week or so. It's good to be home, but boy did we have fun. I'm glad you enjoyed the vid and the drummer did an awesome job.Grin.gif

Macy Jayne
06/01/12 01:31:47AM @wendy-coons-karrasch:

Thanks for sharing Karen, at times I can relate. Awesome playing, you really 'feel' the music. Nice drummer too.

Karen Keane
05/29/12 09:43:52PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Brian and Patty. "Enjoy" is definitely not the right word, but it is what it is! Thanks for letting me vent!

Patty from Virginia
05/29/12 09:25:59PM @patty-from-virginia:

Karen, thanks for sharing and posting the lyrics. I think most of us can identify with those voices. This has a kind of 60s ring to it. You guys got talentGrin.gif

Brian G.
05/29/12 09:05:05PM @brian-g:

Great Job Karen and JK. "Enjoy" may not be exactly the right word given the song's lyrics, but I thought it was excellent. :)

John Keane
05/29/12 05:07:58PM @john-keane:

Thanks Rob! Let me know If I can be of service! Grin.gif

Karen Keane
05/29/12 07:11:56AM @karen-keane:

Thanks Rob, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Rob N Lackey
05/29/12 06:06:24AM @rob-n-lackey:

Very good folks. Everything melded together making a great mood for the lyrics. John, you worked that cajon! Never seen one like that before; just the ones you sit on. Always said if I ever had another band it wouldn't have a trap set, but would have an LP player.

John Keane
05/28/12 08:24:01PM @john-keane:

"Thank you" to both of ya!

Karen Keane
05/28/12 11:52:52AM @karen-keane:

Thanks Randy for your sweet comments. The drummer is my hero!!!Grin.gif

Randy Adams
05/28/12 11:19:30AM @randy-adams:

What a beautiful melody with heartfelt lyrics Karen. Can't believe the complex chords you use...what a sound.....fits the melody perfectly.

About that drummer. I can only tell when someone is beating on 'em when they shouldn't oughta be.... this drummer here is good at it!... : )....


Karen Keane
05/28/12 08:38:29AM @karen-keane:

Thanks Goschi, I'm glad you enjoyed. Your welcome Stephanie! Hugs!Grin.gif

John Keane
05/28/12 07:48:30AM @john-keane:

Goshi, the conga/cajon used here is from a company called LP. For what it is, it is relatively inexpensive and very fun to play. Thanks for the compliment! Grin.gif

Peter W.
05/28/12 04:12:45AM @peter-w:

(P.S. Ah, just found the laptop cajon in an online store over here in Germany as well. Anyway - very interesting!)

Peter W.
05/28/12 04:09:47AM @peter-w:

Great singing, great playing (both of you) - and a great presentation of contemporary dulcimer playing. And I also like the idea of a laptop cajon - is it your own invention?

Karen Keane
05/27/12 07:24:45PM @karen-keane:

Thanks so much Stephanie, I'm glad that you and Keith liked it. This was a song that was difficult for me to share with others so I'm glad you approve. There are a few balance problems with the video so here are the lyrics to the song.

Insane Pain

Verse 1:
Ive got nowhere to escape from the voices in my head
I think that someday they will really drive me mad
On lifes quest for a peaceful soul
Im trapped in a mad house and theres nowhere to go

Insane Pain, its deep inside my brain
Insane Pain, my thoughts are all the same
Insane Pain, my soul begins to drain
Insane Pain, and you get all the blame

Verse 2:
Lying on the outside but deep down within
An explosion is going on and the pains really diggin in
Long cold nights and constant self doubt
A land mine of misery that I cant seem to get out

Verse 3:
All of the dangers are inside of me
The embroidery of my life want allow me to fly free
Im cut into pieces with a hole down inside
I try to get away but theres nowhere to hide

Karen Keane
05/27/12 05:08:42PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Carrie and John. I appreciate it and thanks for playing with me John, it really added a lot to the song.Grin.gif

John Keane
05/27/12 11:36:54AM @john-keane:

The balance was better in the room...oh well...ya done good, Karen! Grin.gif