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Black Mountain Rag

Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:01:27

Played on Boss Torc Hogfiddle made by Bobby Ratliff

08/08/19 03:30:39PM @kjb:

Great playing.  I really enjoyed this.  I need to relearn this as it was the last tune I learned before being without a dulcimer foe a few months due to relocating. 

07/24/19 05:56:55AM @ariane:

VERY good playing, Kevin! flower

Dusty Turtle
07/22/19 03:05:55AM @dusty-turtle:

Clear and precise playing. Really nice!

Kevin R.
07/21/19 09:54:32PM @kevin-r:

Thank you Robin and Steven.

Robin Thompson
07/21/19 07:28:51PM @robin-thompson:

This Black Mountain Rag shines!  Nicely played! 

Steven Berger
07/21/19 06:18:04PM @steven-berger: