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Location: Mountville, PA (Lancaster)
Country: USA

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The Girl I Left Behind Me

Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:01:37

Played on a kit dulcimer from Slate Creek Dulcimers. Guitar added.

Kevin R.
07/01/20 06:28:50PM @kevin-r:

Thank you Ariane. I am glad you enjoyed it.

And Robin...thank you as well. That's quite a compliment coming from someone who’s noter play I admire.

Robin Thompson
07/01/20 04:32:50PM @robin-thompson:

Your play is outstanding, Kevin-- that noter zing just right, too!  

07/01/20 07:14:55AM @ariane:

Another wonderful combination of your dulcimer and guitar!

Kevin R.
06/30/20 07:19:12AM @kevin-r:

Thank you, Dusty. I do have fun with it. 

Dusty Turtle
06/30/20 12:42:22AM @dusty-turtle:

That's excellent, Kevin!  I arranged that tune a few months ago for one of my students, but your noter version is way better. You just zing around the fretboard so smoothly.

Of course I don't know how you can play the dulcimer while marching with a fife and drum band. confusey

Kevin R.
06/29/20 10:26:02PM @kevin-r:

Thanks, gents.

Steven Berger
06/29/20 10:07:00PM @steven-berger:

One of the better versions of this tune I've heard, Kevin (and I've heard LOTS)!!!

John Gribble
06/29/20 08:42:27PM @john-gribble:

That zinggy sound of the noter is great! Love it.