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Soldier's Joy

Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:01:21

Played on my Fiddle dulcimore built by Dan Cox. Guitar added.

Kevin R.
11/16/20 10:43:43AM @kevin-r:

Thank you all for the kind comments. This Fiddle Dulcimore was my latest acquisition. I just loved the shape and was drawn to it as soon as I saw it. It truly is beautiful. In person it has a really old look that I just love. The sound and playability is really nice too. This particular dulcimore was kind of a prototype. Dan Cox built it. I'm sure he would be glad to make one should anyone want one.

IMG_1648.jpg  •  259KB

11/16/20 10:01:13AM @strumelia:

I love this rendition, I love the picture of that gorgeous dulcimer, and i love the comments here too!

Kevin R.
11/16/20 08:33:23AM @kevin-r:

My fiddle dulcimore is built in a traditional style. It’s mostly just the shape that is different. It was tuned EBB (Ionian) and played with a noter. It has wood tuning pegs, staple frets only under the melody string, and no extra frets (such as 6+). I don’t know what you have exactly, but I am going to assume it is more modern and tuned DAD, with full frets under all strings (for chording), and a 6+ fret (maybe even a 13+). If that is the case you could just tune your melody string down to A, get your noter, and play. It would be in a different key than my version, but still tuned to sound ok.

Mick McLaughlin
11/16/20 06:43:49AM @mick-mclaughlin:

Lovely rendition Kevin. Just learning to play using Bradley Lairds little book and he has this tune included with a tab.

My version is a little more stilted  at the moment !!!  Does your fiddle dulcimer have any differences to my little hourglass one other than shape. ?

Gordon Hardy
11/15/20 11:53:29AM @gordon-hardy:

Great old tune, great playing Kevin!! Thank you.

Robin Thompson
11/15/20 10:13:03AM @robin-thompson:

Really nice Soldier's Joy!  I've pretty much always thought this tune was challenging for noter play.  You've got a great sound here!