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Peacock's Feather mtn dulcimer + bowed psaltery

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:09
Leo Kretzner does a great job playing his Dulcimer helping me play this traditional Irish tune on my Bowed Psaltery.
Leo Kretzner
02/22/19 08:32:19PM @leo-kretzner:

Thank you all, glad you liked it! 

Encore is a work in progress... nod

12/04/18 04:53:32PM @bob:

Encore!! Encore !!! bananadanceclapperclap

12/04/18 12:17:53AM @irene:

that was fabulous....and the blending of the two instruments....very well done.  thank you. aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
12/03/18 11:30:39PM @dusty-turtle:

This is tremendous, Leo. You and Gregg do a great job.

12/02/18 01:35:08PM @joyoussinger:

What a delight it is to hear this! Well done!

11/22/18 05:52:13AM @macaodha:

Six weeks ago Alec and Frankie launched a CD Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle and Bouzouki Vol 2. 39 years after their first.

Leo Kretzner
11/21/18 06:52:26PM @leo-kretzner:

Thanks all for the kind words!

Gosh, sad to hear of Alec Finn's passing, but glad to have mentioned him to keep his name and memory alive. His style was classic "deceptively simple" playing, often just changing one note here and there - but always in exactly the right spots for the tunes. 

Besides with De Danaan and others, a great place to hear his playing is the album I learned both Peacock's Feathers from: Frankie Gavin and Alec Finn, Traditional Music of Ireland, Fiddle and Bouzouki, Shanachie 29008, which I hope is still in print as a CD. 

Salt Springs
11/20/18 07:32:50AM @salt-springs:


11/20/18 07:14:24AM @macaodha:

This is beautiful Leo.Great tune great playing. Very sadly Leo, Alec passed away last Friday his unique and melodic style of playing will be greatly missed.

11/19/18 01:35:48PM @strumelia:

Beautiful!  worthy

11/19/18 01:18:06PM @ariane:

Wow - that was great! Such a high tempo is especially difficult to play with a bowed psaltery! These two lovely instruments sound beautiful together.

Leo Kretzner
11/19/18 12:25:20PM @leo-kretzner:

This is one of two different "Peacock's Feathers," in D-minor, which I'm playing open, using the 1.5 fret. Gregg Schneeman on bowed psaltery, of course. (Yes, there is a very brief D major chord, with the f# on 5 of the middle string, in the B part.) 

The other version is in D major and maybe we'll get that one up some time. 

You can hear both version where I learned them from, an old album by Frankie Gavin and Alec Finn (fiddle & bouzouki), which comes up on YouTube if you just search 'Peacock's Feather.'