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Duration: 00:01:30
Härjedalsschottis oder Schottis from Härjedalen (Schweden)
Mountain Dulcimer in Dacc-Tuning
09/17/19 04:13:37AM @ariane:

Very lively and rhythmically played - sehr schönes Stück super gespielt!

09/10/19 01:53:38PM @luigi:

Thank you Strumelia! You are right, it´s a traditional Swedish dancetune. I first heard it played by Magnus Zetterlund on mandolin (Youtube) with a swing feel. So I tried this also...but I´m not a dancer.

09/10/19 01:12:14PM @strumelia:

Luigi, this is great!  I always enjoy your videos.  pimento

Is it a traditional/old Swedish folk tune, maybe originally used when dancing?

I notice you play it with what I understand to be a 'swing beat' rhythm- where the last beat of the 4/4 is played before its normal time, cutting the 3rd beat a little short.  I don't hear that too often in really old tunes, so I'm wondering if it's a personal preference that you added for interest, or whether the original tune was actually that way instead of a 'straight' 4/4 rhythm?

09/10/19 08:51:31AM @luigi:

Thank you Steve. I was not thinking about a similarity, but you are right, it is the same mode, tonerange and player.

Steven Berger
09/09/19 05:47:14PM @steven-berger:

Nice playing, Luigi! This tune is a bit like "Shady Grove".