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The Wellerman Mountain Dulcimer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:16
The Wellerman - Shanty played on Mountain Dulcimer
Tuning: D-a-dd Capo 1.fret
Dulcimer made by Luigi.
Robin Thompson
04/13/21 09:29:18AM @robin-thompson:

Wow, I love this, Luigi-- your play of the tune and the mountain dulcimer you made sound great!  

03/26/21 08:40:05PM @kjb:

Great job and great tune.  I’ll have to try this tune.

02/28/21 06:39:14PM @strumelia:

Ah, I didn't see that capo in the video. Cool!

02/28/21 04:39:53PM @luigi:

It is in Aeolian mode in my opinion. I use a capo at the first fret.

IMG_20210221_0002.jpg  •  334KB

02/28/21 03:19:05PM @strumelia:

It's rare to find a really rousing mixolydian mode tune- this is a great version of a sea shanty Luigi!
(note to players- can be played in DAd without the 6.5 fret)   :D

Gordon Hardy
02/28/21 11:37:32AM @gordon-hardy:

Good stuff Luigi! I like that percussion accompniment.

02/28/21 10:32:28AM @luigi:

Very popular during the Covid 19 pandemic, especially in Europe. There are many versions with new text (The Neddleman), also in German.

I liked this melody and made a version of it for Dulcimer. With foot percussion: cajon and bass drum pedal.