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Lakes of Ponchartrain

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Mark Gilston plays the best known tune to a wide spread traditional American ballad. (Roud 1836 ; Laws H9 )
(Student request.)
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03/14/17 01:42:22AM @sleepingangel:

I love this song. First time I heard it was late last year when my husband and I had the good fortune to see Bryan Bowers play the autoharp in concert in Princeton NJ. It was a wonderful night and he played and sang this song!!

It's on my to do list to learn this on both the dulcimer and the autoharp! Thanks for posting and thus reminding me of this goal!!


Jennifer Ranger
02/23/17 07:07:02PM @jennifer-ranger:

Such a beautiful arrangement!

Doulce Amere
02/01/17 02:03:43AM @doulce-amer:

Nice as usual.

Among the best songs i know.

Living in France, i have discovered it through the rendition of the Be Good Tanyas.

Brian G.
01/31/17 09:53:04PM @brian-g:

Nice Mark. I've loved that tune for a long time and it was actually among the first I played on dulcimer.  And Dusty - I loved Trapezoid and also played the heck out of their version of the tune. :)

Dusty Turtle
01/31/17 02:33:45AM @dusty-turtle:

Nice arrangement, Mark.  This tune brings back memories from decades ago when I was living in France and only had a few cassette tapes with me. But one was an album by a group of hammered dulcimer players who went by the name Trapezoid.  I must have heard their version of this song every day for six months.