Mark Gilston


Location: Cedar Park, TX
Country: US

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Three Forks of Cheat

musician/member name: Mark Gilston
Duration: 00:02:31
Mark Gilston plays a traditional old time fiddle tune from West Virginia on mountain dulcimer.
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Brian G.
04/22/17 03:00:49PM @brian-g:

Very nice Mark. Great tune also.


04/17/17 11:27:19AM @bob:

Love it!  Really captures the mood of a fiddle-tune! You're such a wonderful musician dulcimer

David Preston
04/17/17 05:09:31AM @david-preston:

That was lovely Mark. I can see you have six strings going there, so it sort of is like two dulcimers going.

Steven Berger
04/14/17 01:39:55PM @steven-berger:

Wow, Mark! It sounds almost like you've got another dulcimer player hiding in the fireplace! winker