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Location: Bridgeton, NJ
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Noel C&A

Noel C&A

style or instrument: Tenor Baritone JI

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Lexie R Oakley
01/02/16 02:44:47PM @lexie-r-oakley:

That's an amazing sound, I love this tune with the high and lows. Very fine Robert!

12/30/15 12:12:18PM @strumelia:

Great video demonstrating the huge difference in sound Robert.

That dulcimer sounds very sweet and traditional in high tuning, and very majestic as deep/low. Hard to believe that the strings are identical in both keys.  

Nice to see the picture of the dulcimer while listening as well!

robert schuler
12/29/15 06:19:45PM @robert-schuler:

This clip is from a new tenor/baritone dulcimer I recently built. Demonstrated Cgg to Aee on the same light gauge strings