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Darling Cory

Darling Cory

style or instrument: tenor/ baritone butternut dulcimer

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Patty from Virginia
01/03/16 08:31:55PM @patty-from-virginia:

That's nice!

Lexie R Oakley
01/02/16 02:38:57PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Robert, I knew you find the Stamper sound and not give up on it.

I really enjoyed listening to your tune.

robert schuler
12/31/15 07:13:47PM @robert-schuler:

Dan I agree its as much Stampers style as design. Just like Tommy Jarrells fiddle style, simply cutting down the bridge isn't enough...

Helen. Playing it is the easy part, singing it in traditional Kentucky style with an Aussie accent is going to be the biggest challenge...winky

12/31/15 08:06:16AM @dan:

Sound great! Stamper's sound was more than the dynamic on the dulcimers he made, it was also his unique style. I love to here ID play. Thanks for sharing Robert.

robert schuler
12/30/15 08:54:44PM @robert-schuler:

Eight years I tried to build a dulcimer that would get that ID Stamper sound. I gave up hope. Then quite by accident I put a set of light strings on my new 30" scale deep body dulcimer and I got the sound Id been looking for, or at least very close... Robert.