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Location: Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales
Country: GB

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I D Stamper dulcimer and a 110 year old banjo.
Steven Berger
01/13/19 01:43:11PM @steven-berger:

Bringing back that real old-time sound, Robin! Thanks!

01/13/19 11:28:00AM @ariane:

Sounds so beautiful together, Robin!

Black Dog Bess
01/13/19 11:13:21AM @black-dog-bess:

Thank you! Yet another tune to learn!


Gordon Hardy
01/13/19 10:30:14AM @gordon-hardy:

Good sound and good mix Robin. I love that you have incorporated this great old tune with these lovely "antique" instruments. Thank you for sharing.

01/13/19 10:17:40AM @hoodoo:

Sounds fantastic.

Robin Thompson
01/12/19 07:51:22PM @robin-thompson:

It's neat to hear these two old instruments paired, Robin! 

Robin Clark
01/12/19 06:36:55PM @robin-clark:

Thanks Dusty - I learnt the tune from a youtube clawhammer banjo lesson.  I've found the limit of the Audacity timeshift tool, which is about 100th of a second.  Annoyingly, that's just enough to place a little phasing between the tracks (I was playing tighter than the recording would mix hairpull).

I mixed it on a set of Behringer Media 40 USB monitor speakers, which are far more bass heavy than the AKG Reference Headphones K702 that I normally use.  So this has a lighter touch on the bass than the track I mixed on headphones yesterday.   I really love the AKG headphones as they are totally neutral but I think the Bheringer speakers probably mix more appropriately for what a majority of listeners would use for playback.

I'm going to record our local Welsh MVC for a CD over the next few months so I need to get some mixing practice in !!!!!!

Dusty Turtle
01/12/19 06:18:55PM @dusty-turtle:

Sounds great, Robin!  I've been playing this one on a little octave dulcimer, but I learned it from a clawhammer banjo recording.