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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
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style or instrument: lap dulcimer & guitar

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This tune is named for our sweet old dog, Ariel. She was saved from a pound in the Columbus OH area just a few hours before being euthanized by a dear old friend of ours. Ariel joined our household on Christmas Day in 2016. mountain dulcimer is tuned to Aaaa
Robin Thompson
08/04/22 07:52:19AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, @john-w-mckinstry !  Ariel is a sweet old girl and we are hoping all can make it through these "dog days".  

John W. McKinstry
08/03/22 05:59:48PM @john-w-mckinstry:

That was beautiful and relaxing.  Now we and Ariel can get through the "dog days" of August.

Robin Thompson
07/01/22 09:42:19AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, @steven-berger!  I hope you'll post some of your old-timey playing & singing sometime soon.  

@macaodha These days, I gravitate to music which relaxes me.  And I hope others may find it relaxing, too.  

Steven Berger
06/30/22 09:15:57PM @steven-berger:


06/30/22 11:09:22AM @macaodha:

It certainly is relaxing.

Robin Thompson
06/30/22 10:10:10AM @robin-thompson:

Oh, we appreciate you listening, @macaodha Val, and are happy you enjoyed the tune.  We're still working with it and hope it is a relaxing sound.   

06/30/22 08:59:53AM @macaodha:

Absolutely gorgeous Robin and Mark.

Robin Thompson
06/30/22 08:43:34AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, @strumelia, for listening and for the kind comment.  We are lucky to have our dear Ariel and her now-b(r)other, BillyBoy.  Ari tolerates him and his crazy antics.  

06/30/22 07:03:24AM @strumelia:

Ariel sure was lucky.

Lovely tune Robin.