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Hatmaker Lane

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:56
It is Play Music on The Porch Day!
Robin Thompson
10/02/17 10:57:16AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Ladies!  I had Mom & Dad set-up in chairs in front of the porch yet they were very quiet.   :)

I like playing in public spaces when I get the chance.  And the Worldwide Play Music on the Porch Day offered a good reason to do so. 

PS- @Strumelia The exchange between you & Randy on the audio work-in-progress version led to a change in the B part.  :)

10/01/17 10:57:08AM @strumelia:

Robin this is just beautiful- both the dulcimer and guitar together.

The ambient sounds... crickets, wind, car horn, siren... I think add something heartfelt and wonderful.... especially knowing the poignant Hatmaker Lane family history you spoke of earlier.
I think you have no idea how beautiful an elixer some of your recordings are.   alienabduct

Jennifer Wren
10/01/17 01:10:09AM @jennifer-wren:

This is so beautiful.  The "sound effects" are actually pretty nice!  Especially the insects and the wind...but even the sirens somehow...

Robin Thompson
09/24/17 04:23:50PM @robin-thompson:

 Thank you, Val! 

09/22/17 04:25:24AM @macaodha:

Love that tune.

Robin Thompson
08/30/17 11:26:54AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks so much, friends.  Someday, we may get a recording of some kind with fewer sound effects.  :)

I changed-up the tune a bit-- on the B part-- after seeing comments from Randy Adams & Strumelia on the audio (work-in-progress) version. 

Christine Shoemaker
08/30/17 08:50:29AM @christine-shoemaker:

What a lovely piece, and so well played!!!  Thank you for sharing that Robin!

Dusty Turtle
08/29/17 06:52:41PM @dusty-turtle:

Very nice.  What a haunting tune.

Bob Reinsel
08/29/17 04:11:15PM @bob-reinsel:

nicely done!

Robin Thompson
08/28/17 08:10:20PM @robin-thompson:

Rick, thank you!  It's an original tune. :)

Rick Garrett
08/28/17 10:59:28AM @rick-garrett:

This is really quite lovely,and a new tune to me.  Thank you for posting it!

Robin Thompson
08/27/17 04:50:49PM @robin-thompson:

image.jpegAnnie, our sound effects are , to quote the late-Bob Ross, "happy accidents".  haha

Sam, I don't know about the bold part.  :) 

We're glad if anyone enjoys our little movie for the '17 edition of Worldwide Play Music on the Porch Day. 


08/27/17 07:05:38AM @sam:

... to boldly go where no noter has gone before ......... 

Annie Deeley
08/26/17 10:15:56PM @annie-deeley:

Come to think of it, wasn't the dog helping out with the audio version of Hatmaker Lane at the beginnimg? ;-)

But seriously, it is so neat to watch you play it...

Annie Deeley
08/26/17 09:43:56PM @annie-deeley:

Lovely, lovely. 

You really do have interesting sound effects on a lot of your tunes - but I love your playing and your humour!

Thank you!

Robin Thompson
08/26/17 08:05:41PM @robin-thompson:

I packed Mom, Dad, and a mountain dulcimer in the car this morning and we met Mark at Robbins Crossing at Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio.  We really wanted to participate in Worldwide Play Music on the Porch Day 2017.  :)