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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
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Sleet & Freezing Rain - original tune

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:42
My favorite guitar player and I got to play on the porch this morning. Mishaps and all, it was good to get to play together with my sweetheart.
Robin Thompson
05/20/18 09:43:27AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, @cindy-stammich & @elvensong

Cindy, it's been warm here, so, we can laugh at the idea of sleet and freezing rain.  :)

05/19/18 11:35:36AM @elvensong:

You have such a soft touch! I love listening to you play.

You two have a wonderful sound together!



Cindy Stammich
05/18/18 09:51:25PM @cindy-stammich:

I am so glad that you have some moments like this......

And I am so glad that you shared this beautiful music with the rest of us!

Now!  How can a song with a name like that - sound so beautiful???


Robin Thompson
05/15/18 08:37:53AM @robin-thompson:

Hey, thanks, @sam!  

05/15/18 06:28:02AM @sam:

You and Mark compliment each other in many areas, none more beautifully than your music. 

Robin Thompson
05/09/18 11:35:50AM @robin-thompson:

@christine-shoemaker @janene-millen @val-hughes Friends, thank you, thank you!  

Val, it looks as though my years as full-time caregiver to my folks may be winding down. . . Mark & I hope to have years together here at home to keep music on this porch.  :) 

05/08/18 09:35:49AM @macaodha:

Robin hope you and your sweetheart make sweet music like this for years to come.

Janene Millen
05/08/18 07:34:56AM @janene-millen:

You 2 are mastering the dulcimer-guitar duo thing. Haunting sound, lovely

Christine Shoemaker
05/07/18 08:42:53PM @christine-shoemaker:

Love this, Robin and Mark!  Great groove happening here!  thumbsup  

Terry Wilson
05/07/18 02:13:59PM @terry-wilson:

I like "Sleet", too.  Easy listening.

05/06/18 10:49:16PM @strumelia:

Sweet picking.

Robin Thompson
05/06/18 08:48:47PM @robin-thompson:

@dusty-turtle We're happy you like Sleet!  Thank you for watching.  :)

Dusty Turtle
05/06/18 02:38:42PM @dusty-turtle:

@robin-thompson, it's nice to see you two playing together.  And this is one of my favorite tunes of yours.

Robin Thompson
05/06/18 08:27:56AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, @ariane and @dan !  

Many know I don't live at home with Mark most of the time because I am caregiver for my parents.  My dad has been in hospital and nursing home for the past week, though, so I'm getting to spend more time at home for which I am grateful.  

Getting to make music with my beloved at home is one of life's greatest joys!  

05/05/18 02:25:41PM @dan:

Spot on guys!!!

05/05/18 01:25:09PM @ariane:

Love it! jive  Your music is always such a pleasure!