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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Hemlock Mills

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:38
Long ago in the life of our little village (the Village of Hemlock was founded in 1872), there was a mill here called Hemlock Mills. As far as we know, the mill was on the hill where we live so we figure the mill was powered by horse or mule.
Robin Thompson
02/19/22 02:30:42PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Lisa.  We hope the pleasure of making homemade music comes through!  

02/19/22 01:32:15PM @strumelia:

Masterful playing by both of you. 💕

Robin Thompson
02/19/22 11:35:39AM @robin-thompson:

Friends @pierre-yves-donnio, @gordon-hardy, @strumelia, @richard-streib, @dusty-turtle -- Thank you!  

We struggled to get sound balance so the guitar didn't overwhelm the mountain dulcimer and think we got it more right than not.  (We use physical positioning to get balance as best we can then used one of the automatic master setting on Zoom's HandyShare.)    

Yes, this 'Ritchie Model' has a flat peghead for the reasons Strumelia stated (especially the string changes).  While I love the look of peg boxes, the practical part of me wants flat pegheads these days. omasun

Dusty Turtle
02/19/22 11:17:46AM @dusty-turtle:

Such delicate playing on both of your parts.  And two beautiful instruments.

Richard Streib
02/19/22 11:16:38AM @richard-streib:

So beautiful Robin and Mark.

02/19/22 10:51:58AM @strumelia:

Beautiful music, Robin and Mark.

Robin, that must be the lovely BL 'Ritchie Model' dulcimer you ordered recently, with the flat peghead to make tuning and changing strings super easy? Such rich tone!

Gordon Hardy
02/19/22 10:40:57AM @gordon-hardy:

Well done! Fine meditation music. Thank you.

Pierre-Yves Donnio
02/19/22 10:24:32AM @pierre-yves-donnio:

Gorgeous! I love this tune. I have downloaded the video.

Robin Thompson
02/19/22 09:03:16AM @robin-thompson:

Oh, thank you, Val @macaodha!  The mountain dulcimer is a Blue Lion Jean Ritchie model and Mark's guitar is a Larrivee.   

Both the soil and the topography here in old mining country (coal and clay were both mined in this area extensively) aren't suitable for much in the way of farming except on a very small scale.  Here at our place we have garden plots and garden season will soon be upon us.   

02/19/22 07:54:38AM @macaodha:

Ye just do it so well together, love your dulcimer. Do ye do a bit of farming?

Robin Thompson
02/18/22 10:52:30AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks a bunch, @kevin-r!  This tune is always a challenge for me yet I love getting to hear what Mark does on guitar when we play it.  

Kevin R.
02/18/22 10:14:12AM @kevin-r:

So nice. Always tastefully done. Great job.