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J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte

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Helen Seiler
01/23/15 06:47:30PM @helen-seiler:
Hey Steve, didg is still going well but as I learn one new technique, one of the ones I already know (like breathing) gets knocked around. But I will put something together over the next week. Didg playing with the tricks takes more breath control and my asthma was making that difficult. But my very sympathetic doc has given me a new drug regime to try and that seems to be helping. Its just practice practice practice to get it all happenning. I still love it. Thanks for asking.
Steve Battarbee
01/22/15 01:50:04AM @steve-battarbee:
Thanks HelenHey I've been a bit out of touch.How's the digi going? Are we due an update?
Helen Seiler
01/20/15 09:37:22PM @helen-seiler:

What a lovely piece Steve and well played. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Cynthia Wigington
01/20/15 10:20:42AM @cynthia-wigington:

Steve thanks, this is so beautiful and I love you addition. Also, you taught me how to drone it Dad with this one. I got the book and was really struggling with the chords at first on the Cardboard Wonder kit I built, not set up very well. I didn't know I could keep it in Dad and drone with +3. So, many thanks.

Steve Battarbee
01/20/15 05:02:44AM @steve-battarbee:
Just don't try playing the MD and reversing at the same time !
Marion Seaman
01/20/15 03:53:46AM @marion-seaman:
thanks Steve - that will save me a lot of head twizzling! I cant seem to manage to watch a mirror image of someone play and work out what they are doing. before anyone makes any comments i should point I am fine reversing a car though........just to head off the wisecracks at the pass as it were LOLregards Marion
Steve Battarbee
01/19/15 06:09:40PM @steve-battarbee:

Hi Marion

Its nice to know you've been inspired.

I learnt it from Lois Hornbostal's Cajun Favourites ( Which comes with a CD and which I would highly recommend) but then tweaked the basic version and added a bridge

There's an embellished version too

That's what they are playing on this you tube link

I'm playing it Ddd

It starts







876543 ( or 10 98743)

the bridge or chorus starts



I'm sure you can work the rest out

Hope this helps

Marion Seaman
01/19/15 08:45:42AM @marion-seaman:

well i like this tune so much i have tracked down the melody and am having a go at learning it! so you have been an inspiration today. if you have any knowledge of a useful source for a dulcimer version it would be great to have it. or perhaps you could tab out the melody line and we could all join in at home? cane quite see what notes you are hitting from the video. think you are playing it in G?

regards Marion

Steve Battarbee
01/19/15 08:38:20AM @steve-battarbee:

Marion - Thank you. Yes I think music does help once you let it

Thanks also to Patty,John and Val

Marion Seaman
01/19/15 07:29:20AM @marion-seaman:

lovely tune. glad you are feeling better. hopefully music will be a great comfort and support for your sad loss


Patty from Virginia
01/18/15 08:52:59PM @patty-from-virginia:

That is a mournful sounding tune. It is pretty. Thanks for sharing SteveSmile.gif

John Keane
01/17/15 07:13:26AM @john-keane:

Very nicely done!

01/17/15 06:39:23AM @macaodha:

Very nicely played Steve.

Steve Battarbee
01/17/15 05:05:14AM @steve-battarbee:

JH -thanks it feels like I've been away a long time.A combination of bereavement(My Dad passed away in early December) my own ill health over Xmas and New Year and more recently a very dodgy broadband connection have taken their toll on my posting.Hopefully I've got my Mojo(and broadband back) back

Guy,Lynn,Geekling, Cindy thanks for your comments glad you liked it.There is an embellished version of this tune but I liked the simple version especially for the way I wanted to play it. I played this on an all Walnut Red Kite that I bought from Robin Clark's Bird Rock Dulcimers. I understand it was made by the Hagen Family in the Ozarks

Ken and Dusty thanks to you also for you compliments on my playing and the bridge-really encouraging thank you. Its funny because the bridge just sort of happened. It almost wrote itself but I agree it sits in there nicely and I hope adds something.

Here's a link to a wonderful clip on you tube of this song being performed by better hands than mine. Personally I think they need an MD player but they didn't do too bad without one!

Dusty Turtle
01/17/15 02:20:57AM @dusty-turtle:

Steve, I've listened to this a few more times since my initial comment and want to reiterate how soft and precise your touch is. You have a nice way of pausing ever so slightly over certain notes while still keeping the melody moving along. And the bridge fits perfectly. It is a song that doesn't have a chorus but only verses, so the addition of your bridge really does improve this old classic. Impressive playing and composing.

Cindy Stammich
01/16/15 10:18:39PM @cindy-stammich:

Steve - this is soooo pretty!!!

I am going to just pretend I didn't read about the song and how sad it is.......

Thank you for sharing this!

What dulcimer are you playing? It has a beautiful sound!

Lynn austin
01/16/15 07:20:11PM @lynn-austin:
That was absolutely beautiful!
Ken Backer
01/16/15 06:52:15PM @ken-backer:

Steve, that was some fine melancholy playing. It is a haunting tune, especially if one knows the background. And the bridge you added works well.

Guy Babusek
01/16/15 06:37:27PM @guy-babusek:
That was wonderful!
John Henry
01/16/15 06:32:45PM @john-henry:

Good one Steve !great to see you posting again