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Location: Widnes,Cheshire
Country: GB

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Man of Constant Sorrow

Man of Constant Sorrow
Duration: 00:02:47
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08/26/18 01:13:23PM @strumelia:

This is great Steve- I love when you go to the high octave.  Very crisp playing.

What a fine Thomas replica by @john-c-knopf !

08/26/18 10:02:32AM @ariane:

I enjoyed the peppiness of your beautiful playing!

08/26/18 09:47:15AM @tssfulk:

Thanks for sharing!

Steve Battarbee
08/26/18 04:08:18AM @steve-battarbee:

They do indeed especially my Ed Thomas!😄

08/25/18 07:18:40PM @elvensong:

Those wild mountain dulcimers always trying to get up to dance! Thanks for sharing that lively tune, Steve. Cheers!