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Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine

Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine

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Dusty Turtle
06/28/15 11:01:57PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Joy. I'm sure Tull's arrangement was infinitely more interesting than my rather simple and straightforward one.

Joy W.
06/28/15 10:16:32PM @joy-w:

I first heard this tune in one of Tull Glazener's ensemble classes. At the time, I was still very new to playing the dulcimer and opted to learn just the bass part. It was a real pleasure to hear your version. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to try this one again. :-)

Dusty Turtle
06/28/15 12:32:05AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Charles!

Charles Thomas
06/27/15 11:41:08PM @charles-thomas:

Loved it , Dusty. I just added it to my playlist.

Dusty Turtle
06/27/15 10:57:45PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for listening, Paul & 10ashus.  It is a toe tapper, indeed.

06/27/15 10:03:19PM @10ashus:

I could not sit still. Toe tapping. Head wagging. I eventually jumped up and danced about the room. Delightful strumming, my friend.

Paul Killian
06/27/15 09:56:16PM @paul-killian:

Very nice , Dusty.

Dusty Turtle
06/27/15 03:03:20PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for your kind words, Lexie.

Lexie R Oakley
06/27/15 02:38:46PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nice Dusty I like this version. It is a cute song.


Dusty Turtle
06/27/15 02:11:45PM @dusty-turtle:

I first heard this tune from Mark Gilston's version  and then from Randy Adams's 4-string version . I couldn't pick it up, though.  Eventually I found some sheet music for the basic melody and created my own, simpler version of this boppin' fiddle tune.  Some say it comes from North Carolina. Others from Virginia. But it came to me from Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer.smile

I am playing a six-string baritone dulcimette made of walnut and cedar by Ron Ewing and tuned AAEEaa.