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Good Bye Dear Old Step Stone

musician/member name: Entertainment
Duration: 00:04:51
An old time nostalgia tune, perhaps originally published in 1880 as Old Door Step.
Gordon Hardy
09/21/21 11:50:20AM @gordon-hardy:

@davey-a Hey Dave, you are indeed welcome! It's great to have you on the site. Thanks for your kind comment and thanks for listening.

Davey A
09/20/21 03:01:06PM @davey-a:

Thanks Gordon, I enjoyed that.


Gordon Hardy
09/20/21 02:11:16PM @gordon-hardy:

@ken-longfield it was my pleasure! Thank you.

Ken Longfield
09/19/21 08:56:47PM @ken-longfield:

Thanks for sharing this Gordon. You did a great job of playing and singing this song as well as providing information about it.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

09/18/21 11:21:35PM @strumelia:

Great info, Gordon and Dusty!  

Gordon Hardy
09/18/21 10:47:27PM @gordon-hardy:

@strumelia @robin-thompson @dusty-turtle Thanks folks for listening and for your kind comments. I saw/heard a video by Willy Blake (William Henry Blake) playing the tune on the banjo and singing a version of the song. I liked it so I googled "Good Bye Dear Old Step Stone sheet music" (I can't tab by ear so I use sheet music to write my tab) and found both lyrics and sheet music on Lyle Lofgren's site "Remembering The Old Songs". I found it quite easy to tab, play and sing and I figured it was old enough to be Public Domain.  I have had a lot of fun with it!

Dusty Turtle
09/18/21 10:18:15PM @dusty-turtle:

That's a great old tune, Gordon, and you do a nice job with it.

According to the liner notes to Bascom Lamar Lunsford's Ballad's, Banjo Tunes, and Sacred Songs of Western North Carolina , he learned the song in 1904 from Miss Lela Ammons, who "sang, played the song on the old-time organ, and would sing this beautiful text of 'Old Stepstone.'"

Robin Thompson
09/18/21 07:46:19PM @robin-thompson:

This is a wonderful old sentimental song, Gordon, and I like the way you play & sing it. 

09/18/21 07:31:00PM @strumelia:

May i ask where you found this song Gordon? 

It's a sweet/sad sentiment, and I like how you sing it.