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Indian Neck Waltz (an original tune by Mark Gilston)

musician/member name: Mark Gilston
Duration: 00:02:15
Mark Gilston plays an original Swedish/German inspired waltz on mountain dulcimer.
I had originally intended to make this a duet track with dulcimer and concertina to more closely resemble the arrangement I play with my group, but ultimately it felt unnecessary, and I believe it also stands up well as a solo piece. However, it was too late to change the title page.
Indian Neck was a small music festival in western Connecticut.
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Dusty Turtle
05/16/22 06:45:41PM @dusty-turtle:

What a charming, springtime tune!

Mark Gilston
05/16/22 10:03:48AM @mark-gilston:

Here's my original score for it.

Indian Neck Waltz.jpg
Indian Neck Waltz.jpg  •  510KB

05/16/22 07:54:47AM @strumelia:

What a delightful waltz Mark! I very much enjoyed it. music