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Musical Advent Calendar (Online)

Musical Advent Calendar (Online)

Tuesday January 5 2021, 9:54 AM
@ Online
Attendees:  @Robin Thompson@Dusty Turtle@Gordon Hardy@John W. McKinstry@Cynthia Wigington@Jan Potts@Mick McLaughlin


You can see them already in the shops around: speculoos, marzipan potatoes and cinnamon stars...the "forerunners" of the Advent Season.

Last year we had our first musical Advent Calendar in the dulcimer facebook groups and dulcimer forums and if you like to enjoy one again this year and would like to participate...please let me know and I will reserve one of the little doors for you.

Just record a Winter, Advent or Christmas tune, upload it as "not listed" on youtube (or soundcloud) and send me the link through private message until the end of November at the latest.

It's only a few weeks before the first little door can be opened... 😊


12/28/20 03:13:16PM @dan:

Bravo to all!

Robin Thompson
12/28/20 09:19:55AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, again, Ariane!  

I listened to the tune by Kirk & Judy yesterday yet neglected to comment.  It was of interest to hear a bass dulcimer played as accompaniment to a standard mountain dulcimer.      

Robin Thompson
12/26/20 09:01:34AM @robin-thompson:

Such a delightful tune beautifully played by Rey in Michigan and Eylul in Turkey!  

Ariane, your willingness to put in the time and effort to pull together people from many places is, truly, a wonderful gift to us all!  You are a great Friend of the Mountain Dulcimer and of other instruments, too!  :)  

12/26/20 06:01:44AM @ariane:

A big THANK YOU! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Today you could open the last little door of the Musical Advent Calendar 2020.

I would like to thank all the participants for their beautiful music, time and efforts, thoughts and ideas, Christmas decoration for lovely videos and...for taking part!

Participants in alphabetic order:

Cindy Barbee (with Roxanne Palmer, Kate Humphrey) PA/USA

Judy Beuter IA/USA

Molly Caskey NM/USA

Scott Conner/Ronda Haley IN/USA

Hilary Davies UK

Rainer Dohmen Germany

William Duddy Northern Ireland

Sharon Eastvold NM/USA

Steve Eulberg CA/USA

Gordon Hardy Alberta/Canada

Cheryl James NM/USA

Ariane Klauer Germany

Karen Keeton Palmer KY/USA

Mary Ellen Lounsbery MO/USA

Erin Mae Lewis KA/USA

John W. McKinstry MA/USA

Rey Mom MI/USA and Eylül Senödeyici Turkey

Jan Potts KY/USA

Caroline Riches UK

John Renwick NC/USA

Linda Smith TN/USA

Robin and Mark Thompson OH/USA

Debbie Velasquez NM/USA

Tim Willis GA/USA

Nina Zanetti NY/USA

Ron Zuckerman AL/USA

12/26/20 05:18:55AM @ariane:

Today you can open also door number 26 of the Musical Advent Calendar.

Thank you very much, Kevin, Lisa, Robin and Gordon for your kind comments. grphug

Gordon Hardy
12/25/20 02:07:49PM @gordon-hardy:

The Manx Milking Song is such a gentle, peaceful melody. Even non-Manx milk cows would probably settle when they hear this. Thank you so much Molly. This is lovely!

Robin Thompson
12/25/20 08:51:08AM @robin-thompson:

Today's "Milking Song" by Molly is so lovely!  

@dusty-turtle Thank you for the kind comment.  We decided to take a chance and play the instruments on which we really aren't proficient and we're glad we did-- we've been enjoying working with the classical guitar & bowed dulcimer pairing.

12/25/20 08:20:02AM @strumelia:

So wonderful, this whole project!  Thank you Ariane.

Everyone made such beautiful and heartfelt recordings. love

Kevin R.
12/25/20 07:16:08AM @kevin-r:

Thanks to all who had a part in this wonderful month of beautiful dulcimer music. And thanks to you @Ariane for putting it together.

12/25/20 05:32:30AM @ariane:

Today you can open also door number 25 of the Musical Advent Calendar.

Thank you very much, Robin, Nina, Gordon and Dusty for your kind comments. smile

Dusty Turtle
12/24/20 10:51:54PM @dusty-turtle:

That's a charming rendition of O Holy Night, Robin.  Patient, and active and flowing without every being showoff-y.  And I don't think I've ever heard Mark play fingerstyle before.  

Robin Thompson
12/24/20 04:37:01PM @robin-thompson:

@dulcinina & @gordon-hardy Thank you for your kind words!  Come what may, we can all carry music in our hearts through the season and the coming year!  

Gordon Hardy
12/24/20 10:50:27AM @gordon-hardy:

Robin and Mark, thank you for this lovely offering of O Holy Night. I love your duet, it is simply grand!!

12/24/20 09:44:48AM @dulcinina:

Very nice, Robin and Mark.  I got on your Soundcloud and discovered you were playing the bowed dulcimer.  Love it. Merry Christmas, Nina

Robin Thompson
12/24/20 08:01:39AM @robin-thompson:

Who are these people playing today??? :) @Ariane, thank you for offering the Advent calendar and giving those of us interested an opportunity to participate in an international virtual event!  

12/24/20 04:58:10AM @ariane:

Today you can open also door number 24 of the Musical Advent Calendar.

Thank you very much, Robin and Gordon, for your kind comments.grphug

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Gordon Hardy
12/23/20 11:30:25AM @gordon-hardy:

A beautiful rendition of Silent Night. Thank you John.

Robin Thompson
12/23/20 07:33:56AM @robin-thompson:

John played Silent Night beautifully.  It is a lovely melody.

12/23/20 04:55:21AM @ariane:

Today you can open also door number 23 of the Musical Advent Calendar.

Thank you very much, Robin and Dulcinina, for your kind comments. smile

12/22/20 08:34:59AM @dulcinina:

Beautiful. One of my favorite songs.  Well done. Dulcinina