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Up to 5 cups a day - seems to be okay : )

Up to 5 cups a day - seems to be okay : )

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The idea to this little song arose out of a funny question during the enjoyable morning chat of how many cups of coffee a day is still healthy - the text is teamwork : ) hens/musicians also played a part. Everybody who likes to add a new verse is very welcome : ) By the way - this is my first little composition - please be "merciful" - it is just for fun.
06/06/18 09:45:59AM @mandy:

I have a couple tin whistles that I mess around with.  The breathing is tough and I always run out of breath. Hahaha.  

06/06/18 04:06:40AM @ariane:

Mandy, I am so happy to read your kind comments - thank you - and yes, it is a tin whistle. jive

06/05/18 04:21:46PM @mandy:

Wow I love this!  Is that a tin whistle?  This is really great Ariane!  That little lilt in there sounds great and then you have it on the whistle too, really love this! 


04/16/18 05:46:50AM @ariane:

@Elvensong - thank you very much for your kind comment - that is a good idea with the speed increase flower

04/15/18 06:02:28PM @elvensong:

Your FIRST composition? Nicely done! You have music in your blood, it seems.

I had a thought:

What if you started it slowly with "Up to 1 cup a day, seems to be okay" then speed up a bit "Up to 2 cups a day, seems to be ok" etc. and by the end you play it at the fastest speed you want.

Listeners would infer the speed increase as the caffeine rush of each subsequent cup of coffee. 

Delightful! Thanks again for sharing your music, Ariane. joyjoy



03/14/18 02:24:07PM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Jim


03/13/18 10:12:45AM @ariane:

Strumelia - I just have noticed it now - thank you for the nice refrain variation : )  

Brew yourself a cup...drink the music a free ranging musician   

I am looking forward to hear your "piece" of the new fotmd theme "chain" song nod grin 

Jim Fawcett
03/13/18 07:32:49AM @jim-fawcett:

Hey great job, Ariane. Love it.


03/13/18 06:07:37AM @ariane:

Thanks so much to you all - if you could see me now: grinning from one ear to the other and jumping for joy! joyjoy

@ Rob, Richard, Dusty: thank you very much for your so kind comment

@ Cynthia: this poetically outstanding text bases on the early bird morning chat teamwork - but please consider - after only 2 cups of coffee winker

@ Nigel: Scotch whiskey and ginger ale - what a promising basis for a new song! I am looking forward to hearing it soon nod

@ Strumelia: I feel very honoured smile

@ Matts: It is a whistle and I played it by myself - recorders and whistles are actually my "main" instruments - but the dulcimer gains traction very fast dulcimer

(I hope my English and the helping dictionary can express everything correctly)


Dusty Turtle
03/12/18 09:56:02PM @dusty-turtle:

What a delightful melody!


03/12/18 08:28:57PM @strumelia:

Knowing that you were inspired from your chat conversations, and since it's such a catchy song... maybe this should be FOTMD's new theme song   jive

music  Brew yourself a cup...drink the music a free ranging musician! music

03/12/18 05:26:34PM @nigelbleddfa:

Very catchy tune and both instruments played well ! If you can compose this by only drinking coffee, just imagine what you can do if you drink five litres of Weissbier for your lunch. nod Brian Bowers, the autoharpist, reckoned that he gained mastery of his instrument one night when he had too much Galliano to drink. I am certain that you are both correct and that I need to kick start my brain in order to make progress. To that end I have decided to start immediately and, at the time of writing, am drinking Scotch whisky and ginger ale. jive


Cynthia Wigington
03/12/18 05:24:35PM @cynthia-wigington:

My honest opinion? This is way too beautiful to be put to these words, although it seems to be getting wide acclaim here already, so who am I who wrote some of them to complain LOLOL. Glad you're here with us.

Richard Streib
03/12/18 04:51:29PM @richard-streib:

So beautiful, Ariane.

Rob N Lackey
03/12/18 03:32:16PM @rob-n-lackey:

Wonderful!  That's great.

03/12/18 03:01:34PM @ariane:

It makes me happy to read your very kind comment Strumelia.

03/12/18 02:07:38PM @strumelia:

I'm with Robin- this is totally delightful!  coffee2  clapper

03/12/18 01:46:55PM @ariane:

Many thanks Robin for your very kind comment.

Robin Thompson
03/12/18 01:06:42PM @robin-thompson:

You have no need for mercy from listeners, Ariane-- this is delightful!