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Amazing Grace - Jame's Challenge

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Duration: 00:01:52
When you have a 10 year old videographer this is what you get. :-)D-a-aa tuning
Cindy Stammich
01/11/15 09:22:35PM @cindy-stammich:

Beautiful Amazing Grace - and family memories that you will cherish forever!Smile.gif

Helen Seiler
01/06/15 09:39:07PM @helen-seiler:

Bob, what's thatDirector's line about never work with children or animals......this is so cute, especially your expression at the end. Meanwhile.............that's a really nice version of Amazing Grace with such a lovely rhythm to it. I have never played it in DAa......will have to dig out my book and have a go. Thanks for posting......I needed a few smiles. ps. lovely dulcimer too.

John Henry
01/05/15 10:25:26AM @john-henry:

A great family video ! Thank you all


Bob Reinsel
01/05/15 08:54:15AM @bob-reinsel:

Thanks for all of the great comments. My videographaer was being harassed by his little sister (7) who laughs out loud at the end. He did pretty well ignoring her up to that point. Also, you might not have noticed it, but he gives us a big yawn along the way too. Might say something about my playing.

Ken Backer
01/05/15 08:46:01AM @ken-backer:

Great playing, Bob. I think the unseen star of the show was your videographer, trying to be creative both visually and with sound effectsGrin.gif

Rob N Lackey
01/05/15 05:25:07AM @rob-n-lackey:

That was really nice, Bob, in spite of the videography. I read JH's comment before watching, so I was on the lookout for it. You kept your poise thru' it all.

John Henry
01/05/15 02:45:13AM @john-henry:

Not to say the playing is'nt worth listening to, but I have watched this three times now just trying to determine just how long your assistant had been trying to hold back those 'noises off', lol. Thanks for sharing Bob !


Lexie R Oakley
01/04/15 11:17:10PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Bob nice playing of a lovely song. Your camera person did a great job and added to the joy of the song.

01/04/15 11:14:05PM @strumelia:

Too funny. I'm glad you have a good sense of humor Bob. You do have a good tone and nice steady rhythm though, despite your videographer trying to get us all seasick.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
01/04/15 09:40:03PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Probably figured he had to make it interesting....

Patty from Virginia
01/04/15 08:39:20PM @patty-from-virginia:

Bob, that was just fine. Sounds like the 10 year old had fun with the cameraSmile.gif

James Phillips
01/04/15 07:14:58PM @james-phillips:

Bob, you did good! Thank you for taking the time to do a clipSmile.gif