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Better late than never to James' February Challenge. Includes a guest appearance by Chase the dog.Traditional American folk tune Shenandoah. DAdd tuning
05/15/18 06:31:20AM @sam:

So very pretty Bob. 

Cindy Stammich
02/15/15 09:43:56PM @cindy-stammich:

This is so pretty Bob, I love your arrangement! Your dulcimer has such a beautiful sound!Smile.gif

Bob Reinsel
02/10/15 04:12:59PM @bob-reinsel:

Robert: Wow, that's a lot of questions all at once.Grin.gif So, in reverse order,

  • I built the dulcimer
  • I probably spent a couple of hours learning Shenandoah over a few weeks. I really wanted to get it posted for the February Call the Tune Challenge by James. The arrangement is my own.
  • And I've been playing dulcimer for a little over a year. Lots of other music experience before that.

Thank-you for your kind comments. Good luck on your dulcimer journey!

Robert D. Ketterlinus
02/10/15 02:06:17PM @robert-d-ketterlinus:

Nice Bob! How long have you been playing, how long did it take you to learn that tune and what kind of dulcimer is that? I am just starting and my new short-scale McSpadden is on it's way! I play some mandolin and guitar too so hope to record these instruments together as Philly is not exactly a hot-spot for Appalachian or bluegrass music in particular (although I like other genres too) Closest clubs are hours away,

Bob Reinsel
02/09/15 01:32:48PM @bob-reinsel:

Thanks Lynn!

Lynn austin
02/09/15 07:39:09AM @lynn-austin:
Bob, that was beautiful!!!!...Thank you for sharing!
Bob Reinsel
02/08/15 08:13:52PM @bob-reinsel:

Jim, Paul, James thanks for watching. It is good to hear some feedback.

Paul Killian
02/07/15 10:24:41PM @paul-killian:
Nice. A favorite of mine. Thanks.
James Phillips
02/07/15 01:45:16PM @james-phillips:

Bob, you did a fantastic version! Hey, and it was nice seeing Chase the Dog as wellSmile.gif

Bob Reinsel
02/06/15 09:17:10PM @bob-reinsel:

Thanks for the useful feedback Helen and Gail. I appreciate that. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Helen Seiler
02/06/15 04:34:13PM @helen-seiler:
This is so beautiful Bob. Thank u for sharing. And thank u for a great lesson in how to add light and shadow into playing...I tend to strum and belt out everything but that arrangement and variation in playing techniques has taught me a valuable lesson. Definitely on my favorites now.
Gail Webber
02/06/15 04:33:01PM @gail-webber:

That was very nice, Bob. Your dulcimer really has a nice sound, too,

Bob Reinsel
02/06/15 02:54:44PM @bob-reinsel:

Thanks Janene, glad you liked it.

Janene Millen
02/06/15 01:26:20PM @janene-millen:

Nice job...liked the simple melody line before adding chords etc and changing it up...and how nice of Chase to vocalize a little before entering the scene.

Bob Reinsel
02/06/15 12:56:10PM @bob-reinsel:

Patty and Lexie, thanks for listening and commenting!

Patty from Virginia
02/06/15 10:52:23AM @patty-from-virginia:

I like this too!!!41.gif That is a pretty dulcimerSmile.gif

Lexie R Oakley
02/06/15 10:22:52AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Bob that's a nice rendition, really like your picking.

Bob Reinsel
02/06/15 08:40:34AM @bob-reinsel:

Gordon and John, thanks for the kind words. I might have done another take for this, but I was in a bit of a hurry to get it posted.

Gordon, I did built this instrument. It is all walnut. The sound hole design was copied from a 1930s Gibson guitar. It is strung lightly at the moment with 10s on the melody and middle drone strings and 18 on the bass. I'd like to get a little more richness out of it so I may go to heavier gauges the next time I restring it. For this video it was tuned DAdd but it also sounds nice tuned a step lower at CGcc.

Gordon Hardy
02/06/15 07:57:21AM @gordon-hardy:

Hey Bob, I like your finger picking style and your instrument, is it one that you built? Thanks for your sweet rendition.

John Keane
02/06/15 06:27:32AM @john-keane:

Bob, you did some really nice things with that. Great job!