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Council Fire

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Duration: 00:04:16
Near the end of my Dad’s life, he had a dream…or maybe it was a vision? Whichever, it deeply moved and comforted him beyond measure. While he was a Christian throughout his life, he also strongly identified with his Native American heritage. It was the latter that manifested, which he shared with the family just prior to slipping away. Through tears of joy he related the shear beauty and magnificence of his vision. In brief, he was riding on a white horse behind a beautiful Indian maiden heading towards a tribal council fire. Once there, he waited outside the circle as the council debated if he was worthy to join the tribe. The maiden stepped into the circle and spoke on my father’s behalf imploring the elders to accept him as a member. Based on his joyful tears, I do believe my Dad found his tribe that day.
Christine Shoemaker
09/13/19 08:00:13PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you, Irene!  (@irene ) I appreciate your understanding of the vision and your well wishes for not only his journey, but all journeys.  Aloha and Sken:nen (peace; serenity) my friend! HUG

09/08/19 10:28:00PM @irene:

This is a very thought provoking video and a loving message to your dad....and others that watch....We birth into the next world....your doing it for your father's vision is extraordinary.....and very well done.  thank you....and aloha to your father on his journey and to all of us on our journey here as well.   aloha, irene

Christine Shoemaker
09/04/19 08:59:05AM @christine-shoemaker:

 I do believe that to be true @salt-springs

Thank you. smiler 

Salt Springs
09/03/19 10:19:56PM @salt-springs:

Chris....your Dad definitely experienced a vision.  I have heard many of the elders speak of similar things, though they usually do not give voice to all the details, nor did your Father, I suspect.  This as you related is known as a welcoming vision, hence the white horse coming to carry him and the gentle one leading him to his, "tribe."  There are indeed, many is good that we should all be at peace.

Christine Shoemaker
09/03/19 03:35:13PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you very much, Ann! @ballad-gal

For this one I tuned the baritone at E♭, B♭, E♭ and the dulciborn is reverse at B♭, E♭, B♭.  

Ballad Gal
09/03/19 12:57:32PM @ballad-gal:

Very, very nice indeed! What was the tuning for this?  


Christine Shoemaker
09/03/19 11:14:43AM @christine-shoemaker:


Beautifully done, Christine.  Thank you. Nina

I really appreciate that!  Thank you, Nina! sun

09/02/19 08:53:42PM @dulcinina:

Beautifully done, Christine.  Thank you. Nina

Christine Shoemaker
09/02/19 08:47:04PM @christine-shoemaker:

Kevin R.:

You never disappoint, Christine. Very nice. Great job on the video.

Whew!  I am always concerned about that, thank you!  I greatly appreciate your kindness!!! HUG 

Christine Shoemaker
09/02/19 08:39:52PM @christine-shoemaker:

Steven Berger:

Loved the video and the music, Christine! What a wonderful tribute to your father's dying vision!

Thank you so much, Steven! HUG

Steven Berger
09/02/19 06:12:33PM @steven-berger:

Loved the video and the music, Christine! What a wonderful tribute to your father's dying vision!

Kevin R.
09/02/19 05:36:17PM @kevin-r:

You never disappoint, Christine. Very nice. Great job on the video.