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How Great Thou Art

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:36
Instead of a Halloween video, I think I would rather just take time to appreciate the beauty of the fall season. It’s different for me this year but the Creator’s paint brush never ceases to awe and humble, right? I find it impossible to look around me and not hear the song “How Great Thou Art”. I hope I am able to adequately express some of the reverence I feel so that I may share my wonderment with you, my friends. Wishing you a marvelous Autumn…oh yes, and a Happy Halloween too!
Christine Shoemaker
11/19/19 10:18:01PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank YOU, @Daniel-L ! smiler

Daniel L
11/19/19 07:53:37AM @daniel-l:

Beautiful music and video clapper , thanks !

Christine Shoemaker
11/14/19 02:39:41PM @christine-shoemaker:

I sure do appreciate you watching and your very kind comment, @john-Gribble !  Thank you, John! sun  

John Gribble
11/14/19 09:58:19AM @john-gribble:

Gorgeous  music, gorgeous video. Thank you. 

Christine Shoemaker
11/14/19 09:25:44AM @christine-shoemaker:

Aww...thank you, @Dusty-Turtle !  I like how you think...that sure would have been a great comedic spin! giggle

Christine Shoemaker
11/14/19 09:20:29AM @christine-shoemaker:

Hi, Terry!  Thanks so much! HUG

Dusty Turtle
11/13/19 06:49:48PM @dusty-turtle:

Beautiful playing, Christine. Truly moving.  What a deep, rich, round voice that dulcimer has, too.

Its funny, but whenever you appear again in the video I expect a few leaves to be on your lap and shoulders.  Maybe by the end you'd be completely covered.  Ha!Laugh

Terry Wilson
11/13/19 10:22:30AM @terry-wilson:

Christine, that was so pretty.

Christine Shoemaker
11/10/19 05:45:36PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thanks so very much, @Ariane ! love

11/08/19 04:56:44AM @ariane:

Sooo wonderful and soothing, Chris!

Christine Shoemaker
11/01/19 04:24:10PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you, @Irene !  Fall is my favorite too!  You are correct, a baritone made by Folkcraft.  There is a cable but it's not showing up on the perspective shot as it got cut off.  Apparently, when you use the video stabilization feature in iMovie, it analyzes and then crops your shot.  Who knew?  Not me...until now.  Lol!   It's all one big and fascinating learning process, isn't it, my very astute friend? nerd2HUG     

Christine Shoemaker
11/01/19 04:10:11PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you, @Dan! smile

Christine Shoemaker
11/01/19 04:09:30PM @christine-shoemaker:

It makes me happy that you liked it @Kevin-R - thank you!  Indeed on the Creator's work! love

Christine Shoemaker
11/01/19 04:05:34PM @christine-shoemaker:

You're picking up a Caribbean vibe, @Steven-Berger?  I find that fascinating!  Thanks so much for watching and for sharing your impressions! bighug

Christine Shoemaker
11/01/19 04:00:36PM @christine-shoemaker:

It makes me happy that you found it up-lifting, @Gordon-Hardy.  Thank you! smiler  

Christine Shoemaker
11/01/19 03:58:07PM @christine-shoemaker:

You are incredibly kind and generous, @Salt-Springs!!!  I appreciate that more than you could know.  Thank you, my friend! HUG


11/01/19 06:30:50AM @dan:


Kevin R.
10/31/19 09:48:39PM @kevin-r:

I love it, Christine. Such wonderful playing and great job with the video. And yes, our Creator does wonderful work. Thank you.

Steven Berger
10/31/19 02:00:32AM @steven-berger:

I like the soft Caribbean rhythm, goes well with this tune!

10/30/19 09:39:58PM @irene:

One of my fav. songs and put to all your fabulous photography...Fall is my favorite time of year and this hymn expresses that as well!!!  Sounds like a baritone and it sounds as you might have it electrified?   but in the performance here, no chords indicating that.   JUST BEAUTIFUL...thank you.   aloha, irene