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Boil Dem Cabbage Down

Boil Dem Cabbage Down

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musician/member name: Zimmerman Autoharp

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I got the 75 year old Black Zimmerman back together, wonderful to hear it sing....
Terry Wilson
07/11/18 11:56:03AM @terry-wilson:

Wow.  Dan, that was beautiful.  Boil them Cabbage is my absolute most favorite song to play.  First song I learned to play.

So, listening to the sweet sound of your instrument proved to be a real treat.

07/11/18 05:59:39AM @ariane:

What a lovely and beautifully "antiquarian" sound, Dan!

Richard Streib
07/07/18 06:59:43PM @richard-streib:

That old dulcimore sounds might good. Thanks for sharing.