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900 Miles Stamper Style

musician/member name: Education
Duration: 00:05:38
Randy asked for a clip on the Stamper style of 900 miles. This is my take on the tune.
James Phillips
07/12/15 10:00:01AM @james-phillips:

Very nice, I always enjoy hearing your playing, and now seeing it brings it on home.  


As an aside, I heard a recording of Odetta do it on her late 90's live album To Ella.  

Charles Thomas
07/09/15 10:03:38PM @charles-thomas:

 Dan, I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson! I listened to your music post last month of this tune( it was the first one on my playlist) and now seeing it played was very helpful. Thank You!

Helen Seiler
07/08/15 05:01:27PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for the explanation Dan...i love that big dulcimer's sound,  great playing too.

Robin Thompson
07/04/15 02:45:36PM @robin-thompson:

Dan, I own a copy of ID Stamper's recording in vinyl yet don't have a working record player. . . When Dulcimer Player News put a cut or two from the record on a sampler cd, it sure got me wanting more.  I'm hoping Appalshop will be able to bring the ID Stamper cd out sometime soon!  

Your dulcimer looks and sounds cool-- has that Ike Stamper vibe to it.  Thanks a million for the demo! 

07/02/15 08:08:56PM @dan:

Many thanks!

Ken Backer
07/02/15 05:40:05PM @ken-backer:

Dan, thanks for sharing.  I learned something here, did not even know what a Stamper dulcimer was until now.

Lexie R Oakley
07/02/15 01:51:05PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Wow Dan, thank you for the demo on the monsterous Stamper dulcimer and all the information on his playing style, nice techniques Dan!nerd

07/02/15 01:16:02PM @strumelia:

This is great Dan- thanks so much!

That is really slack and low...provides a real jangly sound. 

I do that same 'train whistle on two strings' thing on my fretless banjo.   

Would love to hear/see more about your dulcimers.

Ron Larson2
07/02/15 12:16:45PM @ron-larson2:

Thank you for sharing this....great sound great playing!!!  clap