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Big Barren Creek

musician/member name: Education
Duration: 00:02:36
Anvil Shoot July 4, 2017 @ the Museum of Appalachia.
Charles Thomas
07/19/17 09:40:08PM @charles-thomas:

Great playing Dan! Blowing up stuff is fun !!

James Phillips
07/06/17 11:24:50AM @james-phillips:

very nice playing.  Had never heard of this tune before, I'll have to look it up later on.

07/06/17 09:52:02AM @strumelia:

Yikes!  The birds and peacocks must all be deaf around there, or just falling out of the sky.  tic

I do hope people put serious ear protection on the kids, dogs, and babies...

Very pretty tune you played there Dan.  smile

Patty from Virginia
07/06/17 09:37:50AM @patty-from-virginia:

I was wondering if anyone still did that. I understand that's how the 4th was celebrated way back when. I'll bet everyone was glad the trajectory was pretty much straight up and down. Nice music to go with that. Thanks for sharing!

Dusty Turtle
07/06/17 04:31:07AM @dusty-turtle:

Well I never heard of anvil shooting, but apparently it's a thing, and it's specifically an Independence Day thing.  Who knew?

Nice playing, Dan.

Steven Berger
07/05/17 09:14:22PM @steven-berger:

Great music to go with the video, Dan! Now, Ive seen (and done) plenty of crazy things in my life: this anvil-shooting is right up there toward the top of my list! Looks like a lot of fun, though.



Cynthia Wigington
07/05/17 07:46:00PM @cynthia-wigington:

Pretty sweet Dan - really liked this. I was out haying today and it's a lot what that work felt like - good for the soul though hard on the body. Thanks for posting this.