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Dan Goad
02/07/18 10:52:44PM @dan-goad:

I asked an elementary teacher friend for some stubby pieces of chalk from her blackboards.  It works just fine, lasts along time.

David Bennett
02/07/18 08:39:32PM @david-bennett:

I bought some chalk on eBay supposedly from the 1950s.  I hope that's vintage enough... ??

David Bennett
02/03/18 05:43:51PM @david-bennett:

Great video.  Now I need to shop for "vintage chalk"! How hard is that I wonder?

Robin Clark
01/31/18 04:34:39AM @robin-clark:

I can't find Peg Drops for sale anywhere in the UK frown

01/30/18 06:53:13PM @strumelia:

Marg- hard to believe, but it really helps with both extremes.  Pegs that slip too much?- Peg Drops fix that!  Pegs that are too stuck or too hard to turn?- Peg Drops make them turn smoothly but still grip when you need them to.

01/30/18 01:50:01AM @marg:

( Peg Drops... )

You mention 'fluid motion', is peg drops for helping to turn the pegs or helping to stay set so everything doesn't come unstrung. 

John C. Knopf
01/22/18 05:53:37PM @john-c-knopf:

"Long live the well-made, well-fitted, well-lubed, hand-carved wooden tuning peg!"

(now say that three times fast.)

01/22/18 08:47:03AM @irene:

HUMMMMMMMMMM, I need to learn a lot more about pegs.  When I've found old dulcimers at thrift stores....The pegs were terrible and I replaced them with banjo tuners.  I'm going to listen to this again Dan, and thank you for educating us on these lines.  There is a violin/cello maker across the Mississippi from me in Fort Madison, Iowa, I'll go see him too and learn more. aloha, irene

Robin Clark
01/22/18 07:23:23AM @robin-clark:

That's a great video Dan. It is very, very useful info.  I love wooden pegs on my dulcimers smile  

01/21/18 05:23:18PM @repp:

Very helpful!

Richard Streib
01/21/18 04:53:15PM @richard-streib:

Well done, Dan. Great information.

01/20/18 11:59:33PM @strumelia:

Great video, Dan. 

BTW I am a huge fan of Peg Drops... on all my stringed instruments with wooden pegs, for many years... nothing beats it, IMHO.