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Wheel Hog Fiddle

musician/member name: Education
Duration: 00:06:44
Wheel Hog Fiddle tuned about G.
Patty from Virginia
04/06/18 07:35:30PM @patty-from-virginia:

Dan, Wow! I'm glad you are still experimenting. Does the heart good to see someone trying new things or old things in a new way. Thanks for sharing!

Christine Shoemaker
04/06/18 08:51:00AM @christine-shoemaker:

Wow - fascinating!!!  Thank you for sharing this, Dan!  

Robin Thompson
04/01/18 05:16:42PM @robin-thompson:

Doggone cool, Dan.  I hope I can get to Berea next year and maybe get to try it! 

Rob N Lackey
04/01/18 04:51:11PM @rob-n-lackey:

A manual hurdy-gurdy!  Different


David Bennett
04/01/18 04:17:13PM @david-bennett:
Now I feel like watching Captains Courageous
Terry Wilson
04/01/18 03:26:57PM @terry-wilson:

Wow, Dan.   That's terrific.   You obviously are a pretty smart dude.   Impressive.

04/01/18 02:21:41PM @strumelia:

All I can say is WOW.  Dan, this is totally MARVELOUS.  seriously, you are a genius!!
I just LOVE it...  it's like a magical bagpipe dulcimer!   dancetomato  worthy

John C. Knopf
04/01/18 02:05:16PM @john-c-knopf:

I think you've improved the sound very well, Dan.

When you're done messing around with it, you could slip it up on Mr. Irwin's museum wall some dark night. Nobody would suspect a thing.

04/01/18 01:45:50PM @dan:

Many thanks guys!

Dusty Turtle
04/01/18 01:37:22PM @dusty-turtle:

That's wonderful, Dan.  I inherited a hurdy-gurdy/dulcimer hybrid instrument that my uncle had someone down in Texas make for him, but it really doesn't work and just hangs on a wall. Your wheel gets a really nice, consistent sound.  Nice work!  It sure sounds like it's taken you a lot of fiddling around to get this hog fiddle sounding right.

Marc Mathieu
04/01/18 01:33:11PM @marc-mathieu:

I really enjoyed that - GREAT job !

robert schuler
04/01/18 01:29:37PM @robert-schuler:

Nice job... Robert...

Randy Adams
04/01/18 09:58:26AM @randy-adams:

I sure like this sound Dan. Many times I've wished my drones were smoother. Hard to achieve with a flatpick.

Peter Corser
04/01/18 06:08:38AM @peter-corser:


That's great. I'm a hurdy gurdy lover and it sounded good to me.

I heard your clip on Facebook and the balance between melody and drones is now much better.

I think you have come up with a great idea that is well worth persevering with - easy for me to say I know.

NO, NO, please not a wall.