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Was you ever in Quebec

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Originally a Scottish march.I've seen the pipe music but I can't recall the name.Like some other marches you can play it slowly as an air,a march or a reel or polka.I learned it from a banjo player named Neil Rosenberg who had it from a fiddler in New Brunswick.
06/20/22 04:41:08PM @davisjames:

I suppose my previous message is quite cryptic...Christian Huet mentioned Sylvain Lacroix, a dulcimer player from Quebec,really good stuff,worth a search and a listen... 

06/20/22 04:29:27PM @davisjames:

Wow!Sylvain Lacroix,"Cordaphone",la bon musicien de Quebec[dulcimer]...

12/19/21 03:20:54PM @davisjames:

I should add that I call this tuning "the didgeridoo tuning"....tuning the D down to A is a big step...the string gets really flappy,you have to baby it[when you remember,laugh].

12/09/21 03:28:56PM @davisjames:

In reply to Christian...your English is better than my French,so.Some of my biggest musical influences are Acadian,metis and native[no,I'm not native]..I learned the singing[lilting]and clogging[foot-tapping]from Emile Benoit of Newfoundland.Like Emile did, I never know what I'm going to do[singing],which is great,it brings the music alive and makes it fresh.I never do it now unless I'm in company that understands the genre.Otherwise,it seems to scare people,which I find quite humorous.I'll see if I can find Sylvain and his music...see what kind of 'twist" he puts on things.

Cristian Huet
12/09/21 05:43:12AM @cristian-huet:

like that because it's "authentic", that can be a movie soundtrack.
you're in quebec ? so maybe you speak french ?
do you know Sylvain Lacroix, a dulcimer player living in the Temiscouata ?

Gordon Hardy
12/06/21 12:19:13PM @gordon-hardy:

Good stuff James! I appreciate your enthusiasm.

12/06/21 09:09:26AM @strumelia:

Wonderful!!  clap

Robin Thompson
12/06/21 08:58:10AM @robin-thompson:

What a cool tune and a fun video!  Well done!  

Dusty Turtle
12/06/21 03:19:47AM @dusty:

Cool tune! I can't believe you pulled that string retuning/key change off so quickly. Impressive.

12/05/21 10:27:52PM @davisjames:

After the first go round I drop the low "D"string down to "A"and change key.