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Never turn ten[the tree song]

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:19
The first collaboration between Jim English and myself.I was living in Vancouver,mostly busking and one day who comes up the escalator by where I busk in Burrard Station but Jim English whom I haven't seen for 20 years.He sent me the lyric and I was hooked...the lyrics often dig deep,deal with stuff sometimes I'd rather avoid[way more online if you want to buy it] ...I think that's a good thing-I can't always be the "happy fiddler",laugh....thanks Jim,it's a beautiful lyric and it really speaks to me.I should add that the dulcimer is a Tom Yockie custom made machine.I love it.The previous owner used a a flat wound guitar string for the low D...great idea.When I do the slide from F# to Bmin,you don't hear any grinding...
Gordon Hardy
01/04/22 12:45:03PM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks DavisJames, it is a beautiful lyric and sweetly played and sung. I appreciate you sharing this.

01/03/22 10:48:12PM @davisjames:

The Tom Yockie dulcimer was perfect for this song[wasn't thinking that at the time,but it turned out to be so]...very "chimey",not so deep as my Folkroots...also,the low "D" is a flat wound string so the slides up from one chord to another are very quiet,not that I mind that noise that often happens[laugh]...