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Moll Rua

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An Irish slip jig[Red-haired Molly]that I couldn't resist turning into a 10/8 or 5/4 tune back in the "world music"90's.It's usually played in the key of G.I can't remember where I learned it.It may be on the O'Neill book of Irish dance music.
Dusty Turtle
12/01/22 10:49:18AM @dusty:

This is too cool for school, D.J.  That rhythm you achieve is remarkable.

Thanks for the shoutout, but I got the idea of filming from above to show the fretboard from others, most notably Bing Futch.

Jennifer Wren
12/01/22 03:05:25AM @jennifer-wren:

I love it!

Homer Ross
10/30/22 03:29:44PM @homer-ross:

Enjoyed your video!

10/30/22 02:07:20PM @strumelia:

Hey this is fantastic!   🙌🏼

10/28/22 08:26:09PM @davisjames:

I was so happy about getting through the thing I forgot about the details.Played on a beautiful scheitholt/hummel created by Jack Ferguson[rebelappflutesin grey]...an inspirational instrument which I am still learning to play.The extra drone strings are like an orchestra-when do you bring them in when do you avoid them?-dynamics.Recorded[like all of my videos] on a Zoom Q2n 4K...a very trusty tool,I have found.Thanks to Dusty Turtle for the notion[by example]of recording video from above to see the fingering.For a fiddle/guitar player like me it can be confusing[videos of dulcimer]because everything's backwards-the high notes are where the low notes used to be!The rhythmic pattern in East Indian syllabics for the first 10/8 go around are Taka Taka Takata Takata...the variation is takata taka taka takata/takata takota taka taka...