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Paddy When Ya Die.

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A tune I learned from fiddler Ambrose Gannon[Low,Quebec,Gatineau].Lots of fun with this tune over the years.
11/19/22 09:39:05AM @strumelia:

Noter players get a whole different idea of what notes are to be important what notes to slide over and 'skip' instead. It's a very distinct 'thang'.

Robin Thompson
11/18/22 01:54:33PM @robin-thompson:

I enjoy your music, Jamie!  Nice move with the glasses, too.  :)

11/18/22 01:45:20PM @davisjames:

As a guitar player I've been pretty hung up on using all 4 fingers.Watching the videos of noter players-well,sometimes 2 is better than 4 on fast tunes I'm finding.On this one I was trying to get that "ticklish,slidey thing"noter players get.

11/17/22 07:12:48PM @strumelia:

Wow almost missed this- i love it!

Sounds rather Scottish, and also the tune reminds me a bit of "Earli in the Morning/drunken sailor/Goin' to Boston".

Your playing shows well how fretting in 'fingerdancing' style can get you some extra little trill type notes that are hard to cram in when using a noter on fast tunes.
My compliments on somehow managing to keep going without 'batting an eye' when the glasses fell. You even sounded two cool percussive beats, right in time with the tune- amazing! worthy

11/11/22 05:21:09PM @davisjames:

I could also call it "Dollar store glasses"...if you watch till the end you'll see why..played on a Folkroots dulcimer,C-A-D.It would be in A minor on the fiddle.