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Westphalia Waltz on baritone dulcimette

Westphalia Waltz on baritone dulcimette

style or instrument: Dusty's Greatest Hits vol. II

musician/member name: Dusty Turtle

streams: 62

Dusty Turtle
09/15/19 02:20:24PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for listening @Fatcat.  If you're interested, I posted another version of the tune on a full-size dulcimer as a medley with Black Hawk Waltz .

09/14/19 07:48:50PM @fatcat:

I love waltzes and love your arrangement, Dusty. Your playing is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.

Dusty Turtle
11/01/16 10:24:53PM @dusty-turtle:

Dutch, in my response to your initial comment below, I linked to the Everything Dulcimer tab archives where you can find tablature by Ron Zucherman. It is not exactly the way I play it, but it's pretty close.

Dan Goad
11/01/16 10:04:43PM @dan-goad:

Thishttp://everythingdulcimer.com/tab/index.php#W should work, Dutch.



Dutch Wigman
11/01/16 09:39:17PM @dutch-wigman:

How does one go about getting the tab for the Westphalia Waltz?

westphalia Waltz?

Dusty Turtle
10/30/16 01:08:46AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, Anne, Janene, and Lexie.  The funny thing is that this audio clip is over 2 years old, but if you remember our old site you know there was no dicsussion space for audio files, so it's nice to be able to read your encouraging comments now.  It is also a good reminder of how much nicer this new site is than the old one.

Lexie R Oakley
10/29/16 11:38:58AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very pretty, beautiful playing Dusty.

Janene Millen
10/28/16 04:33:07PM @janene-millen:

Divine.  Love this tune Dusty,  and you do it perfectly.

Anne Bowman
10/28/16 08:22:54AM @anne-bowman:


Hey Dutch ...  

(strumelia edit: link to a copyright-protected tab from Bonnie Carol's book removed.)

Anne Bowman
10/28/16 07:50:28AM @anne-bowman:

 Very nice Dusty...


Dusty Turtle
10/27/16 07:43:33PM @dusty-turtle:

It is not hard to reach me. You can send me a personal message or follow the website listed on my homepage and contact me there.  Of course, you can always leave a message on one of my audio or video posts!  smile


I do not have tab for my arrangements of these songs, though if I put anything together I'll post here again with links.  The version of Westphalia Waltz found on the ED tab archives  by Ron Zucherman is close to what I play here. I tend to play arpeggios (meaning the notes of a chord one-at-at-time) rather than just strum, but the left-hand is mostly the same.  Ashokan Farewell is a copyrighted song by Jay Ungar. You cannot find free tablature for it. I learned the song from a version by the Jay Ungar and Molly Mason Band .  I got the melody from Jay's fiddle and the chords from Molly's guitar.  i have been told that there is a dulcimer arrangement of the tune in an instructional book by Bonnie Carol .

Dutch Wigman
10/27/16 06:08:23PM @dutch-wigman:

How can a person obtain the tab for Dusty Turtles version of the Westphalia Waltz and the Ashokan farewell?  Have been unable to make contact with Dusty Turtle him self.