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Hoo Ha in the Hole (5th anniversary original)

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Duration: 00:01:23
OK, it's a little sloppy, but here is an original tune I wrote yesterday (May 14, 5 years to the day since I bought my first dulcimer) trying to highlight the 1+ fret. The title comes from a comment by Steve Eulberg at last year's Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering that the way to find the sweet tone of each dulcimer is to "hoo ha in the hole," meaning sing into the soundhole. Well that phrase is too delicious to leave alone, so here ya go.I am playing a Modern Mountain Dulcimer made of lacewood and tuned DAd.
Dusty Turtle
08/20/14 09:29:25PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, RNB.

There is an open mic at a cafe nearby that only allows original tunes. I had nothing to play until now!

Dusty Turtle
06/08/14 11:49:17PM @dusty-turtle:

Several people have commented that they'd like to play this tune. It was too hot to do any gardening today, so after a water gun fight with my daughter I sat down and tabbed this one out. You can find a pdf of the tablature here: Dusty T's "Hoo Ha in the Hole.".

A couple of notes about the tab. First, at the end of the first and sixth measures I kind of strum across the open strings and mute everything at the same time for a percussive effect. I didn't know how to tab that so I just put in an open chord but indicated that it should be staccato. Since the only way to stop the open strings from ringing is to mute them, that will approximate the same effect. Second, all the eighth note sequences I listed as a dotted eighth and a sixteenth. But the point is merely that everything should "swing." Just make sure the first of each eighth note pair is held a little longer than the second.

Let me know if you find any mistakes in the tab or if you have any questions. I'd get a big kick out of hearing someone else play this.Smile.gif

Dusty Turtle
06/06/14 11:39:23AM @dusty-turtle:

Maryann, I'm glad you got your tablet working, and thanks for your kind words. I played the guitar and mandolin before discovering the dulcimer, so I had a big headstart.

Maryann Lang
06/06/14 08:40:28AM @maryann-lang:

Dusty: Finally got my tablet to play your video - love your playing and tune writing, you are an inspiration! Happy belated dulcimer anniversary - so hard to believe that you have only been playing a dulcimer for 5 years but that gives me much hope!

Dusty Turtle
06/06/14 01:15:28AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Val. I really appreciate your comments. Your own playing is a model of precision that I try to emulate.

Val Hughes
06/05/14 06:00:01PM @val-hughes:

A real bit of class Dusty. That is some progress is such a short space of time.

Dusty Turtle
06/04/14 08:32:26PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, Janene!

Janene Millen
06/04/14 07:40:14PM @janene-millen:

Dusty, I really LOVE this style of playing...absolutely loved it!

Dusty Turtle
06/04/14 04:51:06PM @dusty-turtle:

Doug, if you capo at the fourth fret you can play the first part of this tune. But you will not be able to play the second part without an extra fret. Notice how at the end of the B part I use those three narrow frets in a row around the 6, 6+ and 7 frets. Once you capo at 4 you will not have that option unless you have the 8+ fret (which is the octave of the 1+).

Doug Jones
06/04/14 04:35:51PM @doug-jones:

Ah, so I guess you can't capo up and use the 6+ fret as a substitute for the 1+ fret. ;) (I didn't analyze it that closely... My dulcimer barely fit a 6+ fret)

Dusty Turtle
06/04/14 04:28:50PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Steve. Feel free to give the tune a try. You will need the 1+ fret for sure. I plan to write tab for it once work demands ease up a bit.

Steve Bocian
06/04/14 04:18:44PM @steve-bocian:


I really like your tune! I'd like to have a go at it; your style of playing is impressive.

Dusty Turtle
06/03/14 03:21:28AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Cynthia. I had hoped to see you in Berkeley last month. Redwood Dulcimer Day in August perhaps?

cynthia copeland
06/03/14 12:52:16AM @cynthia-copeland:

Deliciously Dusty.!

Dusty Turtle
05/24/14 12:38:02PM @dusty-turtle:

True dat!

Brian G.
05/24/14 12:36:47PM @brian-g:

You know...even in the sense I know it, it's family friendly; it's pretty darn hard to have a family without one. ;)

Dusty Turtle
05/24/14 12:03:40PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Jan. Yes, when Steve used that expression a whole bunch of us were surprised and also amused. To me, the phrase doesn't necessarily mean any one single thing, but it could mean a lot of things that you don't want to say outright. Most are not family friendly, but I kind of think it conjures up whatever image you want, so it is only as family friendly or unfriendly as your imagination.

For the record, I told Steve I would take his name off the description of this piece if he wished, but he is fine with it. And I played the song in the song circle at the Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering last weekend, so he's heard it (though I was a bit nervous and did not play my best).

At some point I will put some tab together for this song and will make it available to other friends of the mountain dulcimer.

Jan Potts
05/24/14 11:51:21AM @jan-potts:

PS I really like the song and would like to learn how to play it. You have great skills on the fretboard! Very impressive!

Jan Potts
05/24/14 11:49:21AM @jan-potts:

I'll have to have a chat with Steve Eulberg...I'll be seeing him at Kentucky Music Week in June.

This may mean singing into a soundhole to some folks, but to others, this title conjures up an image of someone using an outhouse aka yard toilet, external facility, biffy, etc.

Also, I guess to others this has even a LESS "family friendly" connotation! a-hem! Grin.gif

Dusty Turtle
05/23/14 11:02:32AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, Helen! Yeah, it's true that my sense of what constitutes sloppiness has evolved since my first dulcimer playing five years ago. That's a good thing, though. Smile.gif