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J'ai Passé Devant Ta Porte with dulcimer and vocals

musician/member name: Dusty T
Duration: 00:03:14
Traditional Cajun waltz sung in French. (What can I do? I studied French, not Cajun.) I am playing a lacewood Modern Mountain Dulcimer tuned DAd. I learned this tune from the classic Balfa/Savoy/Menard album En Bas du Chêne Vert/Under the Green Oak Tree.
Dusty Turtle
07/02/15 09:15:38PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Cynthia.  I appreciate your taking the time to listen.

Cynthia Wigington
07/02/15 08:37:06AM @cynthia-wigington:

This is fantastic Dusty, you did a really wonderful job - just the lift I needed today.


Dusty Turtle
05/29/15 12:41:24PM @dusty-turtle:

Merci pour avoir cout, Joe.

To share with my local dulcimer group, I created tab for the melody of this tune, which you can find here. As you can see, when I sing I just strum the chords. And then I add two verses of what is supposed to be improvisation, but I planned it all out and play it basically the same way every time.

Helen Seiler
04/05/15 03:57:27PM @helen-seiler:

I still so love this Dusty. I showed it to my friend to show her what could 'really' be done with a dulcimer. She was very impressed....as am i...still.

Dusty Turtle
04/05/15 12:22:44AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, Janene.

Janene Millen
04/05/15 12:07:18AM @janene-millen:

How did i miss this...makes we want to dance. Love that u sang it too, really has that Cajun feel. Love it!

Dusty Turtle
04/01/15 05:10:48PM @dusty-turtle:

Merci pour ton commentaire, Tricia.J'espre que mon accent est tolrable aux oreilles Qubecoise.

Tricia McDonald
04/01/15 04:46:21AM @tricia-mcdonald:

Wow, trs bien jou et chant ! Merci d'avoir partag cette chanson.

Dusty Turtle
03/12/15 12:25:39AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for listening, Helen!

Helen Seiler
03/11/15 05:40:31PM @helen-seiler:

Wow! That' some mighty impressive playing and singing Dusty and what a fabulous song. Thank u so much for sharing. Its in my favourites.

Dusty Turtle
03/09/15 10:34:43PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Brian!

Brian G.
03/09/15 10:06:26PM @brian-g:

Very nice Dusty!

Dusty Turtle
03/09/15 09:29:00PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, James! I'm planning on introducing this tune to my local dulcimer group next weekend.

James Phillips
03/09/15 05:15:51PM @james-phillips:

very nice DustySmile.gif

Jan Potts
03/08/15 12:52:38AM @jan-potts:

Dusty--the tabbed we used came from Paul Andry, who is a member here (he also has his email posted, which he might want to reconsider). Anyway, you might contact him and see what he can do.Smile.gif

Dusty Turtle
03/08/15 12:15:21AM @dusty-turtle:

Merci, Steve, and thanks, Jan!

I would be interested in other dulcimer arrangements of this song. I was asked by my local group to put together some tab for it.

Jan Potts
03/07/15 09:09:51PM @jan-potts:

Great arrangement, Dusty--and that strummin' is superb! I really enjoyed this. I've played it with the group in Tucson that Kristi's in.

Steve Battarbee
03/07/15 03:18:12AM @steve-battarbee:
Tres bien Dusty! I really enjoyed your version of this lovely old songImpressive playing!
Dusty Turtle
03/06/15 06:34:43PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, Karen.

Karen Keane
03/06/15 05:59:47PM @karen-keane:
Aeeeiiii...I love this song, but sadly I don't speak French or any other languages. Well done Dusty.