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Of Stormy Seas and Tall Ships Sailing

Artist: Elvensong/ Dean Robinson
Genre: Celtic
Duration: 00:03:42

Dawn breaks as the sailors cast off their lines, Sailing their tall ships to the treacherous sea...

08/14/18 08:27:29PM @geckostar97:

Elvensong, Simply magnificent!

07/04/18 11:29:04AM @elvensong:

Janene Millen:

Wonderful Dean!...I'm a fan of "Black Sails" Showtime Pirate series....I'm transported

Thank you Janene!  sun

Janene Millen
07/03/18 09:18:16PM @janene-millen:

Wonderful Dean!...I'm a fan of "Black Sails" Showtime Pirate series....I'm transported

05/19/18 11:38:45AM @elvensong:

Thank you so much for the appreciation! @Marg @Robin-Thompson @Irene @Ariane



05/17/18 10:36:42PM @marg:

'Treacherous sea' as the background, wow wonderful 

Robin Thompson
05/17/18 09:51:27PM @robin-thompson:

Oh, Dean, this is wonderfully composed and played!  

05/17/18 12:43:50AM @irene:

WOW, this was fabulous playing!!!  and I loved the views it brought to my own memory of sailing in Tonga, South Seas.............on a stormy day and night....The waves high...and wild, and the Tongan's aboard that ship, singing hymns....to calm our inside fears....I will listen again to this one.  Thank you for the "trip" of memories.   aloha, irene


05/16/18 01:59:17PM @ariane:

@Dean - how great is this! clapper