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Eight Year Winter

Artist: Elvensong - Dean Robinson
Genre: Instrumental
Duration: 00:04:10

Prior to this year(2018), this is the one song I wrote in 13 years. I posted this song on Soundcloud 5 years ago. I hadn't played my dulcimer in 8 years. And before that only sporadically. I spent a couple of weeks creating this song, recorded it, posted it then got distracted and didn't play again for 5 years. Fear is a debilitating thing. Because I hadn't played in so long, I kept it simple. I wanted to demonstrate how simple arpeggios can be the basis for a song.

06/18/18 02:24:40AM @elvensong:

@ariane @monica Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! happys

06/17/18 03:29:04PM @monica:

Beautiful, I enjoyed that very much .

06/15/18 04:15:53AM @ariane:

Beautiful and relaxing, Dean!

Robin Thompson
06/07/18 07:41:02PM @robin-thompson:

Mark & I look forward to hearing your play of Circleville-- we're honored you're playing it!  

06/07/18 07:12:23PM @elvensong:

@robin-thompson Thank you so much Robin! Oh and I wanted to let you know I'm working on Circleville to add to my set list. hi5

Robin Thompson
06/07/18 05:28:12PM @robin-thompson:

Wow, Dean!  I put on headphones and closed my eyes. . . Such a lovely and lush arrangement. Beautifully done!