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Of Stormy Seas and Tall Ships Sailing

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:52
This is a tune I wrote back in the mid 80s. I had seen a film depicting life on the high seas in the 1700s and was inspired by the grit and courage of the men and women who sailed the treacherous seas in tall ships.
Salt Springs
09/03/19 10:03:36PM @salt-springs:

Some one asked what it was like to be in a hurricane at sea...........so I found this....lot's of sailors will be leaving port since ships do not fair well when berthed in a storm.  I remember new sailors sick (technicolor burps), and scared half to death......well if your wondering indulge in this video.......and as I said before, Dean this is a great presentation......

DanG--remember?, Ha!

10/28/18 04:59:10AM @elvensong:

Cindy Stammich:

This is beautiful!  And I can just see those tall ships on the high seas!

You are so talented - both as a writer and dulcimer player!

Thank you Cindy and @david-harney, isn't it fun to share music?! It's inspiring to see all the different styles from the talented players on this site. hi5


Cindy Stammich
10/27/18 10:56:19PM @cindy-stammich:

This is beautiful!  And I can just see those tall ships on the high seas!

You are so talented - both as a writer and dulcimer player!

David Harney
09/08/18 05:52:13PM @david-harney:

Love it!

09/07/18 10:24:42PM @elvensong:

Christine Shoemaker:

Awesome, Dean!!!  Love it!  inlove   Your talent never ceases to amaze me.  worthy

Thanks Christine! bighug

Christine Shoemaker
09/07/18 06:25:56PM @christine-shoemaker:

Awesome, Dean!!!  Love it!  inlove   Your talent never ceases to amaze me.  worthy

09/07/18 04:54:58PM @elvensong:

Salt Springs:

Thanks for stirring up the memories!


Wow what a great story! Thank you for your service! I saw those same images when I was composing the tune: the B part I see the bow of the ship climbing a wave and then crashing down with water spraying just like you describe.

Thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it.

Salt Springs
09/07/18 04:06:15PM @salt-springs:

Well I don't know about there being too much bass.....it's perfect and makes me remember being on a fast frigate out in the Caribbean chasing a Russian Sub in some horrible weather nearly 30 years ago.  Everyone on the Bridge was sick and that old ship just kept pounding through the 15 ft seas at a good twenty knots.  After clearing the crests of the waves the bow would completely submerge and when she surfaced throw heavy spray a good 10 feet over the flying bridge.This went on for six or seven days and nights........we had a tradition of playing tunes such as this over the 1 MC when we did high speed break away's after doing underway fuel replenishment's...this tune would have been perfect for that and at the change of watches.

Thanks for stirring up the memories!


09/07/18 02:15:40PM @elvensong:

@kevin-r, @robin-thompson, @salt-springs Thank you so much! I tore everything down before listening to the audio and realizing there was too much bass but I'll know for next time.


Kevin R.
09/07/18 01:15:34PM @kevin-r:

Good stuff! Love it!

Robin Thompson
09/06/18 07:16:31PM @robin-thompson:

Mark didn't know what I was watching-- he liked the sound!  And I do, too, Dean.  

Salt Springs
09/06/18 04:21:39PM @salt-springs:

You continue to absolutely amaze and inspire ........wow!

09/06/18 02:32:11PM @elvensong:

Thanks @gordon-hardy - T shirt compliments of my oldest daughter, Cerise. She always finds the wildest stuff.

Gordon Hardy
09/06/18 02:20:28PM @gordon-hardy:

Great composition Dean and very fine playing. Love your T shirt!

09/06/18 01:49:03PM @elvensong:

Thank you @ariane - there have been rumors of the wee folk scurrying about here. dulcimer

09/06/18 07:47:10AM @ariane:

It was already great, Dean, to HEAR your beautiful composition but now to also SEE you playing it is even more a real treat!

Your very functional "Bauchladen" (vendor's tray?) playing device is a great idea...and I did not know that hobbits are living in your  garden... smile