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Breakin Up Christmas

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Gail Webber
12/28/14 10:01:18PM @gail-webber:

Thanks Patty. I like this tuning, too. I wanted to learn this tune so my teacher (also a fiddle player) worked it out on dulcimer for me.

Patty from Virginia
12/28/14 08:53:27PM @patty-from-virginia:

That's pretty Gail. I'm going to try that tuning.

Gail Webber
12/28/14 01:06:39PM @gail-webber:

Thanks John, Ken, Cindy and Dave!

Cindy Stammich
12/28/14 11:04:43AM @cindy-stammich:

Gail - I love this! I never knew "breaking up Christmas" could be this much fun Grin.gif

Ken Backer
12/28/14 09:31:08AM @ken-backer:

Thanks for posting, Gail. Very nice playing and I found the history of "Breakin' Up Christmas" most interesting. I wonder if any are carrying on the traditions today.

John Keane
12/28/14 06:27:54AM @john-keane:

You played that very well, and what a great sound! 36.gif

Gail Webber
12/27/14 07:29:32PM @gail-webber:

I tried tuning my fiddle to AEAE and working it out. I have to say at this point it sounds a lot better on the dulcimer!

Gail Webber
12/27/14 07:26:34PM @gail-webber:

Thanks everyone. It sounds like a fun old tradition - move the furniture out of the house and play music and dance all night!

Tom McDonald
12/27/14 07:02:23PM @tom-mcdonald:

Nice song, and an interesting story behind the tune. I'll have to see if my mom remembers old and new Christmas.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
12/27/14 06:08:03PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice,...too bad you had to break up Christmas though.

Rob N Lackey
12/27/14 05:34:39PM @rob-n-lackey:

That was really good, Gail. Glad to see that tuning being used.