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@CharlesDietzel, 01/21/19 10:27:55PM
Hey Gregg, one of my fav songs is also Pack Up Your Sorrows. here's a link to Soundcloud (with which I have minimal experience). recorded around 1980 with my 1971 Brian Mumford dulcimer, in my humble living room 'studio', a cassette deck and two mikes. remastered a few years ago.
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@Gregg Schneeman, 04/02/16 10:45:52AM
Hello Mark, I did not say they followed that set of plans exactly as I remember it Mike told me Jean came to the Santa Cruz area, visited them and then gave them a set of plans someone else unnamed had given her. Michael Hubbert was also around very quickly in this time period. Howard and Mike would be way better sources about this time period.
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@Marc Mathieu, 04/01/16 09:49:59PM
Thanks for the info Gregg!
First I've heard about Capritaurus obtaining their pattern from Jean Ritchie!! Now that's an interesting historical fact!

"Hi Marc, of course Howard Rugg and Steve Jackel sold Folk Roots to Folk Craft who continue to build them as closely alike as to still put the original made by Folk Roots label in them! Folk Roots made kit forms of both their hour glass and tear drop models that got built and used as prototypes by lots of people. When I worked with Mike Rugg and the Capritaurus side of the company we built bowed psalteries and I came up with a archet bow design based on historical precedent, before then they'd copied violin or used smaller violin bows. Everone started making what i like to call the rumor versions. Good! So this Back Mountain Dulcimer Co probably did not have a direct connection. Jean Ritchie gave Capritaurus/Folk Roots the original plans they started with. GREGG"