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"THE ROYAL DREAM" on Dulcimer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:53
A Welsh traditional tune I like to play on the Bowed Psaltery, here is my Dulcimer version. I made this video from this angle to give folks a chance to see the head stock on my Dulcimer. Built for me by my friend Terry L. Watson in 1974, he said it represented a "Middle Earth Mushroom Tree Forest", and though Dulcimers are usually associated with "Appalachian Mountain Hillbillys" he built this instrument to be a "California Mountain Hippy Dulcimer". The sound holes are my initials "G and S', walnut and spruce with rosewood fret board.
Gregg Schneeman
01/15/19 09:44:58AM @gregg-schneeman:

Yes, Jergen I do have some thoughts on why hitchhiking and being a street musician, Renaissance Faire performer worked better back then then it would now, however, at the moment I'm watching the final speeches in parliament before the Brexit vote. Please "follow" me here on FOTMD and we will take it up there? 

Steven Berger
01/15/19 09:39:10AM @steven-berger:

Gregg, it's amazing how you can make that dulcimer sound like a hurdy-gurdy!

01/15/19 09:21:02AM @jergen:

Hi Greg, yes you may have guessed what I am planning to do: Making streetmusic with a dulcimer, wich is loud enought to get heard. What experiences did you make hitchhiking with a dulcimer? Did ever people "booh" you out?

Gregg Schneeman
01/15/19 07:26:58AM @gregg-schneeman:

Hello @Jergen, it is a surprisingly good sounding/playing Dulcimer, it's also much lighter than you would expect. It came with a box sturdy enough for two people to sit on yet carry able enough I used to Hitchhike with it!

01/15/19 07:16:38AM @jergen:

Hi Mr. Snowman, I could hear that this Dulcimer has a very powerfull sound, and the headstock is one of the most extrodinary I have ever seen. Is there any special secret about the construction of this teardrop-dulcimer? Maybe it is just the way you play it winky