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The Blackthorn (An Droighneán Donn) -- Fingerpicked Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:22
I arranged this Lovely Irish Air for dulcimer. This is considered a love song, but it can actually be viewed as a love song for nature herself.
Guy Babusek
01/04/15 01:59:47PM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much, Ed!

Edward Krasner
01/04/15 01:58:34PM @edward-krasner:

that was excellent! great job, and since i'm a new player i can appreciate the effort that went into you arranging this.


Guy Babusek
12/16/14 10:29:20AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much, Val!

12/16/14 09:06:01AM @macaodha:

Go hlainn (beautiful)

Guy Babusek
12/15/14 04:21:56PM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much Geekling!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment like that. Grin.gif Grin.gif

Guy Babusek
12/14/14 08:42:57PM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much, Cindy. That's so very kind of you!Grin.gif

Cindy Stammich
12/14/14 07:42:46PM @cindy-stammich:

Guy - this is .... BEAUTIFUL!!! I close my eyes and can see this as my love song for the Smoky Mountains - my favorite place in the world....

I love this!Smile.gif

Guy Babusek
12/14/14 02:58:28AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you for taking time to watch and comment, Brian!

Brian G.
12/14/14 12:16:12AM @brian-g:

Very nice Guy. Thanks for sharing.

Guy Babusek
12/13/14 08:05:30PM @guy-babusek:

Aw thank you so much, James!! Grin.gif

James Phillips
12/13/14 07:07:10PM @james-phillips:

fantastic as always

Guy Babusek
12/13/14 01:39:38PM @guy-babusek:
Thank you Ken, that's very kind!!
Ken Backer
12/13/14 01:34:47PM @ken-backer:

Guy, that playing is about as pretty as it can get. So lovely, so nice..Grin.gif

Guy Babusek
12/13/14 10:43:50AM @guy-babusek:

Pamela, it's an Aeolus dulcimer made by Dale Foye their website is

Guy Babusek
12/13/14 10:27:00AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and comment, John, John and Gary!

John Keane
12/13/14 08:14:56AM @john-keane:

It just keeps getting better and better! Great stuff, Guy!

Gary McNaughton
12/13/14 05:55:20AM @gary-mcnaughton:
Excellent Guy your playing is always awesomeGary!
Guy Babusek
12/13/14 12:30:55AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much for your very kind words, Patty, Pamela and Dusty!! Grin.gif

Dusty Turtle
12/12/14 11:17:51PM @dusty:

Very nice. Truly moving. Your playing is always so clean, Guy.

Patty from Virginia
12/12/14 10:25:46PM @patty-from-virginia:

Excellent!Smile.gif Thank you for sharing with us.