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Allegretto (Fingerpicked Mountain Dulcimer)

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Duration: 00:01:19
This is a short guitar etude from the late classical period by the composer, Fernando Sor, Opus 44, Number 2. It was arranged for fretted dulcimer by Randy Wilkinson. Im playing an Aeolus Baritone dulcimer made of mahogany with a spruce sound board, built by Dale Foye.
Guy Babusek
01/20/15 05:34:24PM @guy-babusek:
Thank you so much Helen. That's very kind of you!
Guy Babusek
01/16/15 10:49:43AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much, Kevin!

Kevin Lahue
01/16/15 10:49:08AM @kevin-lahue:

Lovely. Nice arrangement and great playing. Thanks for sharingGrin.gif

Guy Babusek
01/16/15 10:32:59AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you Nik!


nick o'sullivan
01/16/15 10:32:13AM @nick-osullivan:

Very nice Gary. A lovely tune on a lovely dulcimer. Nick

Guy Babusek
01/15/15 02:11:40AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much, James!

James Phillips
01/14/15 05:09:23PM @james-phillips:

very nice Guy!

Guy Babusek
01/14/15 04:02:48PM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much, John and Gary! John, those arrangements by Randy are published in his book called "Classical Guitar Music for Mountain Dulcimer." Not really easy to find, but they are copyrighted arrangements, so I can't really post the tab. Guy

Gary McNaughton
01/14/15 02:49:23PM @gary-mcnaughton:
Realy good piece of music Guy.Your playing is always top qualityThanks Gary:-)
Guy Babusek
01/14/15 10:39:38AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you for your comments, Randy and Rob. Much appreciated!

Randy Adams
01/14/15 09:37:00AM @randy-adams:

These kind of tunes are my favorite to listen to on the dulcimer. The tone of the dulcimer just fits the mood of the tune. Thanks Guy...

Rob N Lackey
01/14/15 05:36:34AM @rob-n-lackey:

Those Sor Etudes are really nice, Guy. I played a lot of them on the guitar. I have Randy's "Classical Guitar Pieces" book (or something like that title.) Tho' I must confess I haven't played much from it. I may try to arrange some Sor myself after hearing how nicely that sets on the fingerboard. However, It may be after I finish some more Playford tunes. Oh yeah, that baritone sounds really nice, too.

Guy Babusek
01/13/15 10:00:10AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you Bob!

Bob Reinsel
01/13/15 09:52:00AM @bob-reinsel:

Guy, very nice. I always find etudes interesting because I like to figure out what they are trying to teach. And often, through the lesson, you also get a nice little tune like this one.

Guy Babusek
01/12/15 11:51:22PM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much Cindy! I am always working on more Celtic tunes, Cynthia, not to worry. I just like to record some of my technique studies too.

Cindy Stammich
01/12/15 11:02:21PM @cindy-stammich:

Guy - this was soooo pretty - as always!!!Smile.gif

Cynthia Wigington
01/12/15 10:03:12PM @cynthia-wigington:

Very pretty but it didn't make me cry. More celtic tunes please!

Guy Babusek
01/12/15 09:31:05PM @guy-babusek:
Thank you Patti and Ken!!
Ken Backer
01/12/15 09:21:13PM @ken-backer:

That was very nice, Guy. Maybe you will inspire some of the players here to pursue the "long haired" music (not referring to the '60s)

Patty from Virginia
01/12/15 09:11:16PM @patty-from-virginia:

Guy, very lovely! Aren't you glad you don't have to put vaseline on the lens, lol. Love new technology! Brian, those days weren't that long agoGrin.gif Smile.gif